If Time Went For A Vacation

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A simple dearest gift of a lifetime is always untold here. Thanks.

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



If everything waited for this moment in life again,

Magic weave this air unknown in hearts vacuum,

I felt strange how lifeline is made for this evening,

My words tell me still within those pages,

How untold if time went for a vacation in this jungle?

From a climate caught with fire life feels endless in oneness,

May be this unspoken unity is true happiness,

Every where this message is spoken so quitely,

You compromised one very fear I was awake till yesterday,

Today I am awake safeguarding this gift,

My life will truly find company if this is a ornament I wear,

Once God created this mindless thought like a strange appearance,

In my strength this prayer give signs of faith in hearts,

At distance rays of darkness shade away from all wrong doings,

If all faith within embrace gifts unspoken timelessly,

I still dont know how much thoughtless I submit before God's love,

This freedom granted sometimes in my heart follow one message,

May be stars born before I loved this collection I may inherit,

I always like to join this tomorrow even if changing moment might never come,

Before light I find all you may know like someone not sure how life always contribute yet keeps changing,

May be one time again this puzzle is not always in appearance how it is told,

There is a face I am drown in my dreams I have met so strangly in this life,

Yet time always desired my heart  for this emotion I uncover in this breeze that follows,

This storm just is a take away for another occassion I may never know,

Yet every character our God found in this small drama I may never understand kept one promise,

If ahead God can bring back this courtyard where life is fullest with this loved collections,

How will I ever accept thanksgiving for all the life I abide in the land of all ceremony so longing for this hearts dearest desire?

Today we rejoice this day taken back from a day God understood this compassion,

Everything ever given cannot stop God's promise made yet may still disappear shining in our life's with peace,

This song of an age old tradition close our endless pursuit of happiness seeking some gifts,

How I am forgeting this endless vacation I spent here around stillness of few lifegiving desires may be the last one yet experienced?

There is a time I frame someone in this age I like being blessed,

If this stranger likes it's my choice I am indebted here,

May closeness of our hearts love live a life God has given for fullest care ahead... :)

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