Imagine warfare on the ethics

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In university some one keeping on writing one after the other and suddenly stood up that this one single paragraph is universal ethics. Next day at class, the same teacher asked to show the copy, the student just wrote something and purposefully destroyed the copy. Here are the first paragraph mostly without breaks but making clear what this really meant in true words. This may be a flash back into life. So again this is priceless.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Imagine the warfare on the head of legends lived as they also had to die one day, when Ravana opened his chest before killing one by one all his sons, in the midst of danger if everyone was crucified, look beyond the purity of the matured devil king who never touched Sita, in person send all his life with just one assistance in his next life having read all the vedas, the same king once again be having assistance by pleading before another Brahmin make me live when my people are living without fear, danger and regrets, this was the time of a broken heart many would understand in a family if power was the ultimate motive they shouldn’t have been really ready to skip chapters, Krishna asking Arjun to do his duty for making an entitlement for the son of spiritual entity never commit but be granted by the spirit to make him entitled in his duty for eternal life, this time again we see before our eyes the breaking sunset where it leads and where it ends, still underlined by guidelines we need every source of no concluding divinity before us like the beggar pleading for water and being given more advises, where will this entity made out of a solution called water end, what will remain its meaning if it give another life again on Earth unchartered, is this divine presence of keeping close ties with each other in making this his story continue with shattering life’s, some smiling reasons why this much has happened, in the cross who really have looked into Jesus inner eyes, did all this so far speak the same having no meaning of entitlement before life in search of the truth speaking happiness before life has taken birth or had this been framed in gestures without meaning why there is a reason that’s unbelievably changing; more than that what is universal ethics and has this cloud just skipping territories over the desert where its secret gives only the fall of roots in real life undeterred; is this self the truth ultimately been the passion of search believingly surpassing time, value and mission like someone standing in a queue on train station with covering his face with shades of grief without knowing where all this life history will end? Do they seek meaning in being compassionate being across borders? Will someone estimate the value of time unspeakably and preciously in human roots often never letting down creative wisdom? Has age uncovered its value so precious that nothing again can be back in space and time with starting from birth the same logic and skipping every three generation from the beginning? We remember something and that becomes our planning for unique destiny in the same logic but differently in space and time. Like when Arjun was told finally, even though these symbolises your characters you have seen, when in front of you facing a warfare you will have to fight for some destined fortune or I will face death before, you do pleading for my life before still, no one can save me like many master which gave all his servants sowing seeds and many masters died as the servant couldn’t sow harvest yet the king of every such master gave their children handful of gifts remarkably and spaciously to live abundantly in a land where there is freedom like your and my heart. Please give reasons some freedom or we cannot see seasons before our life in the midst of living moments we live. Let us be glad that we give back something for these new generations. People are very tricky if we can compose even from the worst creatures of Mother Nature. Our struggle to win from circumstances make us worst or good but odd seasons still prevail without support from destiny if you take the best moments living now as worst. The first chapter of democracy has been born. Next step confronts both with passion for reasons humans have a role. Linguistically, we have evolved from no reason we are born to forget yet win from where we are born to do the will binding human exercise for a symbolism known so far in words as one step back in ethics. We relate many steps of generation back in a day when we confront this reality. Do we actually have a role in this pleading reality make sense if we are alive and could redesign the gravity of the circumstances if we may be born out from new piece of destiny we roll back? When we look into this note remember what humans have given you back and who among them are your loved ones. Let us not disguise from unity yet recollect one step back from our own freedom towards union with the first chapter of universal ethics. Ethics itself is mythical and so are we in front facing the man in the mirror where the cross once Jesus upheld gives us the same price in return. Understand this and use it wisely. Who understand the wise words of forgiving and forgetting so that we say we can divert an attacker if we also allow those threats resolved by live and let live? This is true for humans not for nations where resources are scarce and demands are unlimited. Even if one ruler needs to be dispatched many of his associates need to be withheld for crimes they never had committed. It may be nice if we have wise leaders whose wisdom is surpassingly marked with gratitude, grace and greatness for his people. Every individual need that these grassroots stand steps in their life understanding its uniqueness. Whatever we are and what not we do if we can understandably judge there is still unity in being one step of importance that we consider as universal ethics not like the listening heart who wish at his last birth may this middle person at least live alive with lifelong than being away in the crosswords. Understand I am giving no explanation why this note has been pasted. I don't have more than less hour again in my life. If you feel all my writings keep making sense and you like my response, email me: . If this is a dead link, keep complete silence or report on what basis. :)

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