Imagine you recreate this rhythm...

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A birth tube recollects us back into the edge of eternity.All across the learned class can not forget that mysterious exist still more even than illusions. If you share some unspeakable rhythm in few words, just tide over the beginning often that may never end in a day just before us. One day author of this article watched every steps just so often someone could recollect these simple dialect in new tunes of lifeline. Often the destiny would not be so simple. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Words fling in some corner of the dashboard

Learning comes from simple steps than being odds

Beginning in destiny one few knew what they see and hear

Sometimes after an infinite days only one step revolves

New corner and ashes with complete silence

When I came before SHE with morning delight

Is this the end of the season?, She asked.

Does that request any answer?, I deluded.

Imagine the day starts on a dark planet

We follow an order and You have a commitment

Reasons were there why everyone just brings up kids

They also has seasons but within a basic rhythm

Being just human have a reason being humble

And SHE has a door which once went through none can come back

I would say you would never spell that word if you know SHE

Order exist but the existence has a deadline which can be revoked

But who would try this mistake and misinterpretation of characters

You may fall and when almighty gives choice of any sphere another node

Believe who would come up for this picture

Who would walk down the life's fortunes unlike no reality before you?

Knowledge is the peak and imprints are its destiny

Let us fetch those learned steps in the beginning

Those who would come back leave one trail behind

They forget gestures made in time and they are new

Back in time we call eternity has an image

Tomorrow we call eternity has imprinits

Imagine your knowledge information source recreates this imprints

This would reaffirm new entity into life as wisdom to bridge

You could just speak up with the ground talk

This gentle birth would will bring back the spirit to the body

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