Joy Of Living Faith

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Before the last nightfall, we imagined someone has found the day when people will live long days ahead and they never had been in the tough times we are living now. When you ever want something believe there is someone who likes you and would grant this wish if you can live up to those simple destination. Here is the inscription in the words of human language.

As we move on the road towards gateway,

There are tracks that follow the wind,

Everywhere when you feel senses,

You are overcome by what you have,

You are like kindle thread beside those,

Who feel your heart is so empty without stopping beats,

Inside you weep episodes of life,

You feel this stretch of shadow is your dream,

You are deepened by suites of wear and tear,

Have you tread and clothe wheels in the platform guarding a stone,

So much powerful wandering rich luminous streets where they report,

You feel everything belong with the shepherd,

Had they not told you faith is born within,

In every remark ever mentioned the key-chest belong,

On those hut plain truth perverse emphathiticaly,

Notice for those letter provokes life of episodes so much on its path,

Inside where there doesnt exist characterization but illustration of real shelther,

Faith has those threads inside you,

A picture-book protrays another gallery where no human has ever been born,

Rumble in those wounds everyone has only survived,

Life has an inconsistency,

It is not you who created this,

Life has an lesson,

It is not who subscribes this wins,

Life has an winner,

It is not who lost this losses,

Life has an skill,

It is not who deviates this whips,

Life has an base,

It is who builds this exist,

Life seeks from you something,

It uses your unspeakable voice within you,

You live every merry-go-round in those living a lifetime,

Keep yourself depraved turning off,

Fight every battle listening on keystrokes from within,

Every stripping cartoon has a thought,

Squeal what puts your silence down,

Tourchlight gave away everything in the night,

Charger was thick with carbon,

One theft chased every path work you are cautioned,

It brought hideouts to be chased away,

When people talk chaplet burns of your loved ones,

Lifestock wagon is the station of longitudes and latitudes,

Every illusion tickles under this,

You lives under an umbrella of roofs,

Rosary has an orientation as slow as the coach,

Rise up your faith in this life engine,

Halloween just chase out madness,

Every roof has a sunshade,

Give it a cover and dream of your vision,

Spirited with this tribune,

Live out this liberation of faith inside you,

For all that life can offer you is the world around this with your loved ones!!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Wow. I had to read this multiple times to get the full effect. It's amazing. I feel in an odd sense that I can understand this poem in a very personal way-like I'm immersed in this thought of life on an every day basis.

Sun, October 30th, 2011 8:59pm


I appreciate the valuable note you have made. Thanks for the review. :)

Sun, October 30th, 2011 10:20pm

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