Last Date With One Word Of Times Ahead

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This is my last post as for all the valuable contents I have written so true in this year 2016. I know when the whole Rome was burning, it is said that Caesar was playing flute. Today this is something I have to keep in my mind. For all support I have received this is a true challenge. I am sure I will keep this word. So it is not a time to play tricks. Let all my writing has a route that is gifted in sincere help from within. I hope be this light days within radiant my true self in real acts unspeakably. I am sure you all learnt that barking dog doesnt bites. What is the use of a dog if it doesnt know how and when to bark? It means that till now the dog is undergoing a training within blinded in a spirit so true. I have shared a true experience in my life. :)

Submitted: January 23, 2016

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Submitted: January 23, 2016



Like a chase unended life took me into the valley of something be a time,

Those who will fulfill what God had emptied on its novitiate rest be a date,

Someone always interlude this gift of a thought well prayer came for long retreat,

I having read them  turned by this unpretentious replies had lost sight of new answers,

Jotted down constituted for final vows time handed this lifeline for a date,

In this honest picture of a pure soul untamed be portray of humility,

I put my reading wall before you in this greatest sacrifice of my gifts for you,

Time needed me for a new unknown pain into the jungle of benefits of her instructions,

I knew there is no other way as till the end no shade has swept away from those shores,

Yet if you first be able to help someone drowning when I am only learning how to fish,

Time promised me an opportunity for everyone in full gratitude of accepting this offer,

It became so long strictly preaching down so long,

I thought why not date with time for all such humility vivid of her soul,

If this time had a soul striking within this space who will befriend a good cry for all,

When all this three faces of time, space and soul unite will this be a new creation,

What do you want from me? asked a voice once made her,

In this infinte unconditional love for a delicate vision where I lived,

In this turning point faith for a absolute surrender where I respected,

In this oath,

I begged a reason for all that takes in accepting a distance towards where her space moved since its impulse in time again,

I needed this assurance from where my ancestors who wished our destiny,

I possess this word who suffered horrible pain from where our prayer who left our destiny,

In the same word our teacher asked an exception rekindled in hope for not weakened in the grip on her soul,

I need this day you offered for a proof that God is pleased what goes on within my heart,

In the end I may not miss the way in the darkness as it is your disappearance from the voice that is implanted on her soul,

For a while an unbroken union with joy untold felt within me that I am reading someone who wrote that strange pleasing very happy to hear the day all are offered,

Is this a sign in a mystic interpretation of self-fullness slowing mind that made the city of peace when we break down totally?

Finally the old man in spirit appeared in front of my eyes,

I saw this sacret companion sometime yesterday,

He just told I learned in the same school along with your father,

Nothing strike me on the last day for an imprint,

Except rasing my hand for a handshake,

One voice I came from landed me into this day like her soul so thinking in silence that the deepest secret may be read as a matter of conscience,

This expression of openness came from our holy father in the heaven,

Priest stood up immediately and everyone in this arena was alarmed,

"You are given a gifted blessing", I could listen this voice within;

After this strange incidence I travelled back home with my father,

In the car I couldnt believe my eyes,

I unknowingly told him about this same voice again,

My father just responded,

We know everything so happened in your life till now,

You are granted this freedom from prayers and earnest request of your loved ones,

Promise us for this year 2016 if you listen for your sincere heart,

You were saved as a request from your loved ones sacrifice,

How our generation came till this day from where we are has always been so difficult?

Just know dont make mockery of this situation,

Know within for what you asked for till now,

They who gifted you everything for this faith of the pure unconditional love made all the gifts you enjoy today.

It is not your birth right but out of mercy from the writter of fate who dont know what is ahead.

Your only request once was knowledge is power when time questioned your existence.

Still it is true if you dont take this as a fancy of your heart.

What the angel who followed this path till now only asserted one thing?

As a father I ask you one question, do you know what this is?

Your date with time is so far unconditional. Time never waits for anyone. Yet the angel gifted you the truth which lack only one point. We dont know how it is going to be. Yet our struggles till now for every act we have done is for all humanity. Yesterday world war divided our fortunes. Today war and hatred sow many undone crimes. Yet it is not always in the hand of fate or god. Some say we are the gods or devil in this angelic land. Your questions only is one such enquiry as your father didnt had any other choice and look back always what to do where in the whole world your life has been so far. Our angels came in this time for your simplicity of a heart. But this exist unless you can make this compromise for everything. For heaven sake, learn in this blog for this year 2016. You must come up by your grants that is helpful for all. Dont spent any money other than the help your recieve as a pay from your loved ones. In the story of everyone there is a beautiful end and let this be the life you live every moment on this earth. People who gave you everything has spoke this language you must underline. Look back if you are perplexed as still there is a guest always unknown for who you are. In your best words, you are the most humble scholar for the greatest teacher the world has ever seen yet exist unknown everywhere. If you honor this commitment make every moment to learn something again. Tomorrow dont hurt your heart nor the love you get as a care of our wellbeing. Only one man in the whole universe considered everyone as friends and took the cross for their sake. Enjoy this gratefulness. And remember what the Romans told them, save yourself first if you can. Today your queen dont want to be mere the writer who showed some signs of all language in the literature for pure faith in the loyality of her kingdom. Fortune from the star that shines undone in life has made this promise for no one else expect the life of a humble sacrifice. This is what we want from you for all your contribution till now.

I know this is a reception in many long words how things I have witnessed in real life. No one takes this seriously as I am. All the world looks around this room and see the drunker who reads this asking for a new bottle of wine. I dont want this again so like been ever. This is a intentional letter I have written entrusted to me. I love this change as there is no growth expect to be the light around my village. 

My articles have been a centre of attraction. I am also amused many times I have written this in all the grants I have been till now. Yet this may be my bound to succeed like one role I like to play gave this scheme of awareness. I like to join this future time has added date with time again. Let me hope I live upto this credibility.

My angels whom I am indebted. This is a sincere note regarding how everything is. We know today is not the same day again. Only change is how we see its cover. Inside this story I wish there is something all angels in my life really wanted to be the best how there is a time we never question this boom.

Finally let us always greet whenever we have time. I am now a busy person living a life  
I expect may implement some of its credential. Soon I may find a good lasting job in my city and hope that life is going to be a great time for happiness we are so blessed. 

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