Letters from Lord Sun for only Loved Ones.

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In his young life, he supported an ancestral home rebuild ambiance and gift of the family where his village stood. In middle ages, he lived passionately for his own loved ones at home and far beyond. Sometimes compromises of situations wanted to be different and they just wanted to move on. His life is very different. Two young hearts just keep working long hours. Not even one coin spend unnecessary as everything for his son. Thats what is their life? When will Ave Maria confront such a situation of peace, prayer, hope, joy and all their savings for another generation; if Ave Maria cant fall short of reading a piece of affection, love, care and life more important than the existence of a lifetime? Just remember in prayers.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If I was always had been stars in twinkling night sky,
Shining on their roof above the head,
Leaning step by step every heartening daylight,
I stood test of purity of radiance even in your moments of grace,
Passing by the gift of almighty
Amazing by the word of absorptions,
Let me know that our hearts are united ever in eternity,
Going back in Pages of Wisdom,
Your source gifted that your David,
Wise enough to leave Goliath behind me,
Oh generations, leave behind kindness that spark light,
So many life's changed hand,
He may leave gestures behind, basic rhythm is still being human
Goodwill of mankind leave space at the heart of man,
His teacher finally told one story yet sometimes city in flames,
Sanctions monitored, Since they gave life, Space gave birth,
In your destiny may exit door open new existence,
Look beneath your imprints in the stepping pebbles at the galaxy,
What do you lighten yourself at the will of drizzling drops sailing through wind?
I am just passerby who just honored the purity of life (Guru), Parents & Teachers
Sailors just happened to tell the story of the Albaross that flew guarding
All his cargo and tons of blessings in those carpenter's cargo laid here
They would never knew the pain inside one human father's life
I have never exploited anyone yet I suffer the pain of crucifications
Soon seasons changed and delight was served
In his hearts this is the story for you, my son, said oneness
Milestones passed between the curves of fortune where life glitters
He who came before creation for his most lovable
Handed over treasure and be the most valuable asset of the history
For one son the journey with loss of a lifes grace
For one family the justice with length of a living gift
For one being the juristiction with longitude of a live glory
One Treasure, One Soulful life at their end of a life
May the heartfelt prayers with Ave Maria stand the test of time and space!!!!

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