Life is not always granted, you know

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

A symbol of human responsibility in a midst of crisis for where we are and where we should be. :)

When you want to swim and your will gives life,

When death is a compromise, not real

All you live is not granted, you know

Life is not the step you bud, yet unknown

Inspiration is the moment of your recoginition, you fake

Activity brings cradel full of fictions, without mask

Your bank may be robbed, who knows

Years change as days, land in the rising waves

Those points I make is the life you have lead, I know

Tomorrow is not the beginning, life is now\\

If you party all you know is activity, with whimp

No thought gives you rest for all you wanted, without your safety

Life is a chase you seek between awakeness and rest, prayer guides

In making who you are, there is HIS presence

Love of two hearts always gave light, you are here

\\When you cant think you become compliments of images, life weave

Somewhere probes are not solutions, realistic life is admiration

All you believe cant recreate why you love compartments of proofs

I admire your life this moment in silence with passion for wings,

Life is not always granted, you know

This is the story of language we post our delight, when memories treasures

One corner we get setbacks, when years become life

Other crossroad we give nourishment, when time becomes years

This poem about such a space in history we make, thinks like voice of seperation

Somewhere cobbler met the guards of the jaywalking,

They needed some repair and warehouse hostel lots of mines,

Away in the freedom life has gifted you, your footprint gives gestures,

Your table tonight brings home one carpenter and HIS pets,

Someone summoned this journey you leave and live exists,

Everyday more like the water in the storm, your crafts are its tail,

They stretch from the existence of endless time we live, some call this as mirage,

Tomorrow we are unsure but life isnt always granted,

You have a image in the book of life, angels give you those smiles,

Set the fire in your heart, let them breath,

So much that even the feather never fades with ink, the creator weaves its carpet,

What is such a creation of orders and exist?, life or death,

Well I would say you need to step the next role, the eternity for rise,

When you raise your lungs for finding your work, you cant fade,

You remain when you never give up, the source of existence,

I fade by these real pages you live everyday, said the angels,

Everyday is an invention of new discovering turning points, we call them the cradle,

Some live by their ends, we call them the making,

Even when time gives you the light to read, when your foot rails on the train,

Even the carpenter will give you the race ahead, some far as time can travel,

I hope God realise your days with new vision, a season of building friends,

You imagine all you got is away, without leverage being granted,

You fail faces as this dance, when treasure hunt just waved your path,

Today when you have woke up from this long sleep,\\

For an everlasting pursuit of happiness life has channeled again,

It is a passage of time you step faces as sail on the space with rows,

I happened to be here with you spreading your time with delight,

Always remember, life isnt as granted,

Today this is what I have never heard before and tomorrow someone faces these points,

Inside everything we live by, we seperate folders in the socket of dustbins,

They remain as you and me yet seperate towards new roles,

I may have asked them a favor for us,

Time is all we always wanted youthfuly,

Yet more than that we need to be a part of the core existence we have stepped,

This is a new age and we reel new shores,

Nothing is so long as before the faces we cover our picture in memoir of these words,

I hope God would be shaping on familiar faces as we live by,

A life when more than the dust of sand can cover the ocean,

Do we have any role now?

Yes, I hope the talks have a climate,

It is said in human politics there need to be an arena of seasons,

Do we have when they need accountability?

Yet, this is just one last role we have spirited to the lining text,

I know you have a role here,

Not to fight a battle but tomorrow for fixing every burrow,

When do you make this time really worth?

You can uproot many in their roles you ever played,

But with them is a generation, you know,

Today we delegated finance in international relations, we ack,

Yet there is a time to send the charriot back towards every sensation alive,

This is when you will know,

Life is not always granted,

Living is a business of human compassion,

In the spirit of human love Gods has given us a new seed,

They have a new home,

Do we sit with them and talk without being understood?

This is not their existence as life forms evolve,

The price of God ever made an human thought is worth always a battle,

Can we battle with the future we have today?

Yes, the only never intervened and always existing,

This makes us knowledgeful without even being with multiple words,

NOW is the change and life is its beginning,

May be in next life,

Both of us would be flying our aero vehicles past milkyway,

With the distant star where I belong,

I came here and parted my honors in these pages,

I may never have been here if life is not granted,

Always we have every makes this life floated,

This is the only time we have,

From the roots of knowledge,

From the stem of crafts,

I have given your time with what is so far written in the book of secrets,

I know you have always thought somewhere something has always had no meaning elsewhere,

But this is what will be the next platform,


Can we always take life as not granted, you know?

This is our story within noble responsibility.


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Such a wonderful and inspiring poem! I enjoyed the powerful message of a productive and meaningful life, keep up the great work

Thu, July 12th, 2012 8:57pm


I count on the beauty that draw beneath words in your note. Thanks for your appreciation. :)

Sun, July 15th, 2012 1:29am

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