Like this rainbow

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Let you stay blessed for this long healthy life of your loved ones here. May God renew this bond always refreshed every morning. :)

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



Night is still young above all your praise
When I fall in love again
After The Storm I'm Out To Catch
This time Blessed Is The Rain in an act of faith
All Of My Life Like This Rainbow
Walk It, Talk It
For A Beautiful Life is What You Deserve

Dear Heart
I have gone so far
Today I Can't Change My Choices
Close to your cries
Deep In My Soul
I Hide Your Feelings
In a dead heat
Don't Tumble in Fear
Like This Rainbow
Honest I Still Do
Live It, Give It
For whom you care most

Dear Time
Who give you dues
For Deeds I do
All I Can Do
Plead your cause
I Lie Awake
Kiss Me Quick
Go for a walk
Thank It, Serve It
For I Could Not Ask For More

Dear God
Who Always Come Back To You
Always Gonna' Love You
Let Me Belong To This Family
Like This Rainbow
Help It, Love It
For Angels Get Lonely Too

Time Counts
May Life Come back again

A Little More You Like this Rainbow
From Your Dear Heart To Mine
Heaven On Earth So Loved
I Stepped Over This Rainbow
Like I Found That Time Of Mine
An Unknown Living On A Thin Line
I find you waiting for all
May Every Lover's Sign
Rain It, Refresh It
For like this Rainbow
No one exist more than Gods Kindness

May you know time
Let us by the same sign
Like this Rainbow
Not decline challenges
Yet twine faith
I hope you will awake now
All you are brings this
Like this change
For you will be here always

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