Living Christmas Angels in My Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers
This is an angelic story I made in my dream page here. May you like the message. :)

Submitted: April 03, 2019

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Submitted: April 03, 2019



Every convict is given a last wish to fulfil,

Made as an ornament honoring to any greatness,

Time we spent here asked God for one such mercy,

Before making any such grant God wanted to know,

What do we owe so much in the following imprisonment of our fate?

I thought may be time still felt a vacuum,

When the prawns and flowers has flourished,

Making all laws below the heaven may witness,

One day time wanted to avoid some mishappening situations,

May be that is the reason why,

Oracle has handed time as our convict,

I thought did God gave us birth in a wrong time untold again,

Why would God never forget to teach his children ever know how it will end?

May be that made Oracle to count fears on the always keeping ahead time,

If time is a person who asked to retrace some wealth from us,

So that our future will light an openess before borders,

If time is immaterial being who asked to watch some steps from remaking,

So what emanates from the Earth's core will be a richness undiscovered,

Whatever I thought,

Time need to start something always from somewhere,

Where will be this source of our heart's gratitude?

May be time wanted to warn us what is ahead,

But what would be the last wish before the writer of our fate?

I started with all duties we serve to protect our promises of a human bond in time,

May request us we are among no person to convict time,

Yet some laws are made to be won,

God those secrets of our rising again in time,

We only need to observe what we can do for the best of all,

Some sacrifices need to be done,

And undone will be the wish of God's gift,

For time doesnt have a natural form,

Than being living with the source of our creation,

Like a star constituting what keeps moving on,

Never stalling on a hero commited towards what moves keeps going on,

But I wanted to know,

If time becomes our convict,

All the bearers of this truth will suffer,

Until under freedom of the supreme power,

Eternal darkness ends in the raising of one human spirit,

Always keep experiencing where we can never go wrong,

As we confess we will settle our mistakes never a part of us again,

Still time cannot slow down as a star always rising in our heart,

For it smells purity,

And melts its impurity away into darkness,

Has this darkness gone in accordance to your laws?

I asked time with a normative character,

You were employed to do some work out of your sweat, time told;

I didnt knew where will our slowness add as an amendment here,

But we must not act in desperation more sacrosanct than any approval of our consciousness,

Finally it was a cause of our rising unrest,

And I wanted to help our living Earth with so many good wishes,

But my one word must not burden any heart if even time had one,

There was a lamp hidden within the cage,

But I didnt had any matchstick to ignite it,

May be I draw my dream into the shores of this candle,

I closed my eyes and took this candle into my dreams,

So lasting it will light the darkness around,

Suddenly the candle light showed me the unburning spirit of my messenger,

I was able to feel the way, I was permitted, to wander within seeking through the ladder to reach the doors of heaven;

May be I never saw anyone expect the guardian angel,

The angel was very curious how I made it true till her home,

But I was reluctant to give the secret,

Until I told the angel,

"Whatever happened so far and, what will be the right to my property, how a ignited form lead me till here, Will be yours if you are ready to experience this?"

The angel among all the territory receded to this word,

But I warned the angel,

"If you will experience the key, What unlocked my path, You will need to frame some birth of this stay, So that the day I saw, Will be yours?;

The angel felt uncertainity,

But it was the order from heavenly God,

To destroy the path from Earth that will always make the way for secrets,

So that the door cannot be unlocked with or without any key,

It must be a secret so forgotten by any soul,

However as the angel was so waved into our reality,

I ignited the dream of a candle's light in my dream again,

Where the cage that brought with time,

Served as a role to free our Time as convict,

So it was true again,

In the cage I saw an angel who was silent,

For far away from her home,

All troubles for her selfless soul made,

Was bought out of a cage which remained vacant,

When the time was shielded from the rest,

The angel looked at me and saw how fearously she scripted my heart from burning,

Made the cage burn into a heat warns as the fear within,

So finally the angel told,

"I asked you for the path, and now I am in the cage again, Only you can save me, Help me and I will give you anything I can grant here"

I made my words as,

"I came here very generously to unchain the Living Earth for all we have done for serving every life here. Till now we felt you are the guardians angel and always will. If you serve a time I must know, we need a soultion be with the call of a seriousness."

Angel responded,

"I will grant any wish for your heart's sake. As I have always seen so far, you are a child who can fall in any troubles so easily. But I would like to do something for your family. Ask what you need."

I told the angel,

"You and me are fallen in the dream that caught a time to set free itself. I will give you my candle light that will wake you up. But know whatever you can do must serve two grants. One that will be for us, and other which will be for all."

Angel smiled and spoke,

"But I am always doing the same for all, you asked till now. How can I grant what I am lead through a hearts wish? You know how pained our father is in heaven. Granting whatever a true love of our saviour has granted."

I prayed,

"My angel, you have always granted me our fathers blessing on this lifetime. I cannot ask anything more so true again."

The angel granted,

"So you will be always worthy of this heart."

Angel returned to the heaven tracking the candle light I ignited in my dream page,

And I was again facing the heat of times ahead,

How will our father's blessing welcome all savings for a worth living is still a mystery for all except in devotion to our supreme prayer?

Yet I know time still needed more from one universal consciouness,

Finally time formless and facing the heat told me,

"Oracle only drafted a trick to show how you may ask for a worthy examination of a lifetime. Yet you opened your heart before one heavenly soul. You could wake up a call from our supreme foundation. The secret of our rising days needs a come back for our golden days will return to Mother Nature's promise granted for our sustainence into a healthy life. Please dont ignite the candle again. And never try to contact the Angel again. For the days will change and you need to act to lead what you can do for our home here. Let us start this resolution as a grant from the angel chained in a dream page you have made for the living Earth. You may not be able to free the angel. But the angel liked some good moments spent with your heartbeats. But understand the angel has given her last wish within your heart to see the life so made will be worth for God's rememberance for all Earthly creation. Know the angel is in chain. If you can smile for a moment, your heart will heal her wrinkles from the heat. Always do what is good and pray that the imprisoned soul be living a fortunate life for all we do to our Supreme Mother. As the angel only wished all of us may secure and be the worth of a well-being as gift and grace from God"

I understood these time will be a change not just for one of us. Let us not create mockery of this situation. May we pray our activities benefit each other always sharing the greatness of a God and the Living Earth for a honor we submit for one humanity in need.


© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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