Lost tracks of citizenship

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Our leaders of modern age are what they are so long have they endured one awesome gift called persistence. One story of two world wars have caused within limits human life cost still they were priceless as barriers eluded into a story called what is written in this poems as so far whatever we have evolved in human vision of masterpiece in military and security have evolved economies and brought united front towards one policy, one vision and one cause in a United Nation for the endurance one priceless vision ahead of time.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



A midst of world war and nine generation warriors fled in less on a nation Evaded they battled and human bounds in their eyes were less on streams... Human cost of their land paid the price yet floating behind saw a vision... Priceless their heart never had paid the pride to be victorious... Humble grabbing words near the ends of fleeing their home one day... Away in the click for awakening they challenged the stars for envisioned.. Their meeting point was as per previously finalised... In a secret mountainous outfit on the California hideouts kept the source.. Out of a long journey one of them came from a village... One came from the dark terrains of the angel city... Still more people began to disappear in their elderly age... And as the true story would go their vault are still safeguarded in history When Harrison decoded the whole atomic clock always stood for the time... It was that endurance to challenge the destiny ahead let life see ahead... In this age we gossips on everyone who made that time on opinions... Is it important enough what is understood to be the time? We are influenced by noises and life with angels are where we are... And are we nowhere now when human evolution evolved the vision beyond time... A time that always exist on its wheels and are we still on those hideouts.. Where are we now envision unless we ascertain every home with right empowerment and for one goal... A goal those nine eyes in the midst of one mighty war fought for... They was also one person who couldn't had listened yet wrote the finest beauty of instrumentals... Are we not those gods and angels who are carved out of earthly perfection.. Cant let the emerging enveloping faith still be in words alone... Those nine solider were from families and haven't they loved their dreams.. Yet the guidance of the light have always fought battle in history... There is no dark if we have let us know where the light stood for one... Searching out of real one endurance is self and evading one myth called life... Where now ourselves are in the pursuit of happiness cant be nowhere than this one existence... There were eighteen hearts that opened up the world for each sharing heart beats they shared for... And today where our guidance be awareness, light be our culture, religion be our right on word of life as we are... And out of these writings our physical existence be not on words... A young kind of alphabets in communication may bear oneness for... A long life to live long and prosper... Almighty for the supreme over the power of the foundation of existence bless you and your loved ones on the life you have made the choice. Amen in the name of the highest.

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