Misnaming Sex

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Many lost without love. With love painted for your legal life partner, sex can charm its expressions. Without true love, sex is a misnaming recent downfall in many life stories here. Let us know the facts. :)

Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018



You feel sex always has different dimension for the first time in love affairs,

Couldn’t help that pleasure and pain you expect be problematic for your entire life,

It is the worst weapon against your enemy if you don’t know true love,

As no heart will then bury haunted for peace your name be so low if it hurts,

When your mind infatuate this pragmatic luxury money could buy,

It is the utmost pain against your love if you don’t regret about lust.

These lotter possessions make your identity blackout from our society,

It is the love buried against your feeling if you don’t free real emotions.

All such pursuits that fall against respect you owe back in this transitory lifetime,

It is the look against your satisfaction if you don’t fall through sensations.

Such games in many places and paths ever corrodes your identity and respect as human,

It is the gift against your hatred if you don’t act with seduction.

When someone hires this naked body,

All these thoughts must make you feel disturbed,

For seeking a thought tangled in your downfalls,

As I never told you what it shares,

You get lost with feeling worth only for few moments,

Just make you born for a pleasure to enjoy how you can satisfy what it gives,

Yet there is a small reason we all love misnaming sex as love,

Giving away many untouched pains to like how you can end what it gifts,

This endowment farms many charms in any rituals,

This makes me tell you how the enchanted closeness comes by,

And always in good marriage there is the real moods of such closeness,

After all this entire craft symbolises in these three alphabets,

S stands for short-term temptations scuffle I eat you,

E denotes enchanted scary feelings,

X fetches games for new inherited life,

It makes you know more than control how it empties,

Many who rally initial stages of relationship between two individuals,

Always must keep in mind,

You may be lost for those innermost emotions,

Only sex can make you so weak,

Here you feel the ways I may know as,

Sex if legal is a love faced with the struggling defining moments,

If you do carry any illegal mistrust with sex,

You will know it is the most hunted down evil queen,

You have the choice,

May you always remember,

You must not live for sex,

Yet sex is a part of life,

Achieve the right sort of greatness in every relationship,

For ever lived is your good pleasure in every human bond,

May you know if this vision adopts so clearly,

For God created this magnificence with no stone left unturned,

You will always be not tempted for this role play,

Until you sell the true value of sex only with your legal life partner.

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