Moments Of Freshness

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Let me inspire you this beginning to do a difference in the world you live around. May God fulfill this wish for the most important person in this life. :)

Let me slice happiness into your heart,

May be you have forgotten,

When your world lost its feathers in dark,

May be you have forgiven,

When your days haunted its freedom in light,

May be you have failed,

When your home lived its friendship in peace,

One day where you will be,

For a dream born here,

One faith where you will be laid,

For a honor burning your dreams,

One life where you will shine,

For a gratitude God brings happiness,

In this simple testimony of your angel,

You may not be a day dreamer,

But dreams may not end for one daylight,

Within you may rise above the fear of unforgotten trials,

To live a life daring its guests,

Your quest made me so loved close with this message,

In you God lives HIS vision,

Your heart shines on this mission,

Here you are including its cost in shaping a dream page,

Angels have always your meeting place in this reading wall,

Like a harbour where sail sleeps over water in the ocean floor,

As time sweep this vessel may not wipe its tears,

Yet carry you across the waves with all mighty trends,

Inside your credit made to keep up all rewards,

May God fulfill your making in this promised land,

Where we bathe its clothe we wear like characters in time and space,

In a shade where wind will drive away a storm,

Drawing any imagination on the climate uncertain,

Time went for a holiday mood conveying a reminder,

God passes its testimony like every call within,

In this home where we bury sadness with good spirit of cheers,

For being together come from a hearts wish,

Being where cycle of worship fall in source of all fleet,

Your planner made this vastness in giving you HIS life,

This bridge you steam your vehicle across,

Make feel where you will be tomorrow,

For an aspiration killing its weeds while you plough every harvest in completion,

No story ends without fall short of this voice within,

In a never ending journey you live,

You may feel its tempest wild,

Life greets all those who surrender to the request of the highest order,

If we name our account on Earth,

Like a passage of all those who loved its tale,

Like a procession of all those who lived its love,

Like a pasture of all those who lead its life,

May be this need within you,

Call your heart beats for a making in History,

Stretching its arrow down the soul within,

Unending its promise for a new beginning,

Here we start everyday,

For our pursuit of happiness in faith of oneness,

Deep for its water with all care,

In a beginning we feel its blessing,

For being the love to be loved at heart,

Help so cared you may unite history near this companion,

Where bug of happiness harvest around this beehive,

Searching for a nectar spread around this heart,

Reassuring our passion rinsed around this choice,

Pulling our nights away around this awakeness,

Each wakeup call lasting one milestone to be made,

If you cancel this quest for new heights,

You may not miss just one dream,

But for everything you are made from,

This new tenure you pass along with every shadow,

Construct its mainland for a shore we rest,

You seek to swim along with many who never saw this water before,

You seek help from those who try to stay afloat,

Here journey embrace the footprints that disappear in every message,

Where missionary travel for an eternal consumption,

Not in fire within but for one God's grace,

Not in freezing point but for God's gratitude,

Where humanity travel for one evergreen existence,

Not in fear but for burning desire,

Not in fragility but for starving hunger,

Sometimes that has a address for our waiting,

On a pile of awakeness having a code for our gateway,

It doesnt end here,

You stack on this promise occurence here,

For all you never imagined,

It takes your sight away from darkness,

For you are sacret of the form who made your hearts space,

It doesnt wait here,

You fetch across this bridge today,

For reuniting seeking your maker in time,

This auction never happened in the market place,

No market could withheld its gravity,

Forcing an history to be made now,

In everything you seek,

This pain your soul carries for rebuilding every dream sowed on this Earth,

For being made for our common welfare,

In a bond where hearts may share this vision ever lived,

Living a hope lighting a happiness,

No delight never ends here,

For we are made to live beyond every moment,

Stepping on an infinite sail,

Across the borders that shine our tale,

To be always together in peace,

For one commitment humanity worshiped love of a true heart,

Let me wish all the blessings towards greater success and happiness in life evergreen... :)

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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