Moon light of thy season !!!

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A public disclosure is made towards the star born in the midst of three wise men of trinity.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Three wise men once met the Lord and the guiding star compromised one solution, global warming will slow down and there will not be iceage. A camel model guided their steps and no universe became their freedom. In the midst of discrete landscapes summoned a prayer. The windfall was heavy but the three bowed down their head in knee. Light shaded the house of Ave Maria and the left judgement of GOD, our angel Gabriel stood in fire. She shaded the destiny of mankind. It past 12 and the supreme water from a gifted missionary became pebbles as tears rolled down their eye lids and cheek swept it under the dust. Their prayer went as such:"We walked 10000 light years ahead ashore in one step with all our accomplices. Today before us is a speaking heart with a human touch. Its retention is a prayer and the purity of God's gift stands out among multitudes matchlessly in this selection. We gave this all evolutions blended signs and we spoke into this star our whole hearts content before this time. He accepted like the deepest into a crystal life. All of us understood who we were and each of us know the time limit. We cannot make this heart more than 80% water and he cannot be exploited for making more sacrifices. Besides the moon we asked him what he wants. Behind the doors he didnt lookout for angels. Ultimately he prayed his heart out in testimony with the fire. No human being would ever live like him as he once told his friends, I will quit what quarded me, myself and I. He introspected into outerlife and found himself awake. When the stars stood so long this man kept working hard because he understood that parents are precious always and himself stood out with that mantra. Stars cleared the sky and yet there is no blog he hadnt been apart. He wrote his whole life ahead in poem, articles and what not is life. Today these little steps will rejoice him and all he wanted was those little steps always ahead. With hearts of heart please tell us what makes him your most adorable choice and what should we do. We have collected so many gifts life have made for many and we gave them when they left home. Nothing can withstand all the segment of human endurance and can you make divine divisions for him and all his future choices for his hearts content. We have our own world and we cannot be so documented. Amen."In time the goodness of life opened up new role. Can we be where we are without emulating the presence? The next day we made solutions where we were. The following were years in history with foundry of perserverance.

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