My Onam With Maveli and Vamanan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
When you read this dialect, always ask within, are you prepared to make these days so lovely like a true blessing? May an experience fulfill this wish. :)

Submitted: August 28, 2017

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Submitted: August 28, 2017



When this story becomes our blessing,

Lord of our creation granted Maveli an epic of three days,

Meeting on all faith no heart can empty in thoughts,

I wanted to accompany Maveli back to his lost kingdom,

Lord became the shade of Maveli in a mind many characters leave undone,

Here I followed like a contributor everywhere our kind king travelled,

All of us wanted time to feel peace relaxed in our unborn existence here,

Like a friend in need I wanted our space let free for God's plan here,

I asked the king,

How will your great love sustain our existence one day more here?

This king answered,

Will my shade be blessed for this lifeline?

Like a hideout of this creation,

I felt Maveli like a spectator for one Lord who played all HIS roles here,

Today when the entire creation gettogether for honoring this king,

Whatever gifts be unwritten in our fate may desire a need for every life on this planet,

I felt Maveli foretold helplessness in those bonds of Lords compassion,

One point I asked Maveli yesterday,

Lot of people unemployed here live with what is around them,
Yet fullest loved memories of your kingdom here make them forget about themselves,

Will your morning daily for the great love make us gifted without doubts?

We saw many families true like their question of this truth,

A kind king who wanted our tomorrow faithful for all belongings here,

I asked our Lord in this shade,

Will your universal language be worthy of this kind kings kingdom here?

Lord smiled and we reached our homeland,

In one voice we saw the happiness hugged our visit serving a new variety in Onam festivity,

I hoped may be this uncommon experience will not end with our first day,

Somewhere when God remembers our fruits of this story,

We were happy to love this journey never before in history,

A epic of wonderful respect paved our entrance in a time,

I may forget in a nostalgic feeling what we saw,

The shining Sun made a flow of relationship that flowered in every garden,

People near the temple of my kingdom,

Offered to donate in a charity that may help my citizens a lovely day of their needed assistance,

Every family feeling delight with kids like its show-stopper,

A melodious musical entertainment greeted every home with new thought of this hour,

Yet rewarding wealth of my farmer whom I am pleased may fulfill our journey ahead,

So much have changed since we beloved everything in Lords wish,

With this friendship I wanted to tell Maveli,

Tomorrow we will see the second day of Onam,

Once you offered all the three worlds in Lords wish,

Sometimes you will have to face settlement of this promise for a price,

Once when your order here felt broken within,

I used to ask myself,

Are we going back to this warfield without life?

Now the chariot of fortunes has blessed your people,

I asked Maveli,

How will you direct all in the wind that will be born when I am here?

Maveli enquired,

Do you want to know?

Yes, I told.

Maveli spoke gratifying few occasion here,

I always desired a companion here,

Yesterday I saw happiness when your faith brings us this need,

To honor this trick of Gods work you people believe in rituals,

But I never found someone like you so innocent from a secure experience,

All I wanted may you live a wonderful life here,

The second day came,

People flocked the streets with fortunes from the taste of their sweat,

Many wealth of this arena traded with what they could afford,

Maveli told,

I never saw my kind kingdom with so loved people,

This day is made with lots of sacrifice always need to sustain a big play of a destined life,

Today Maveli walked through the streets of our global village,

Everywhere Lords grace could give a smile united with one happy heart,

Even street childrens brought us this joy with what is left back in their kitchen,

The third day started,

I asked Maveli,

What will be our challenge for future?

Maveli nodded,

Let me enjoy my last days of this year,

Please ask my shade,

I could see Vamanan in the suite of a umbrella,

The Lord spoke,

When you dont feel our future ends on only doubts,

No crowd will stay hungry as the night will end soon,

A fortune that shines always so dearer for this planet is born,

I asked Lord may I be granted a Onam wish,

"May all time I live here, Maveli be our shade in the morning breeze of my home."

Lord was curious and asked why ?

Now look after ages in darkness,

How Maveli enjoys a taste of HIS life here ?

When all we need is an expense so secured and experience may be sustained,

Tomorrow Lord we will never forget your promise in all avatars here,

May be your Gita gives us direction,

This joy and prosperous birth only ask your shade,

When Maveli has given your home this umbrella in one Onam wish here,

We are grateful to this kind king,

For a day I like never before,

Lord recited,

I have only granted you a remaking of this wish,

You have accepted this desire I seek as a lifeline,

When your gift has honored my presence here,

I want to tell you something,

Where you belong has a book-keeping in historical records,

In our cosmic language we call this as evolution,

A planet that gave human life here must not be its extinguisher,

If this track of our future may challenge where the source of all extinction on this planet ends,

Where no crowd may unite against staying poor until the night ends,

Your fortune may be a thanksgiving bounded for your perfection in Gods image within,

This climax of destiny welcome all I have given now,

Will Mother Nature think your offering as a birthpill of all fortune may reap here again?

When new generation needs your effort with every shining blessings,

This day will be nearer in every oneness of the great love we pay as respect for Gods effort,

Always to unite us from difference,

Yet be the pride to be abundant in service of all fruits here,

In everything I am given here,

Maveli gave me HIS umbrella like the morning breeze of my home,

It became an unforgettable experience,

Days changed and people flocked my home for many new trade here,

For a special person I celebrate our companionship in one unity,

Maveli looked back and thought before stepping out of our heaven here,

Made Maveli think again,

"If this shade Lord gave me unlock your days like a fallen blessing for my kingdom, Will time ahead be the very commitment for your home in a true honour these days I am blessed again here?"

I could comfort my heart with courage for an amazing experience ever had,

Lord always gifted me this freedom for HIS great love so blessed,

Again I thanked and came back after this Onam for every lively celebrations,

Unknown in this grace I feel loved for this time my life could greet a kind king so generous for his family on Earth,

In this script I dont know how resemblance of all wishes be a story that cannot be traced from where I may invest these days ahead,

May the Lord who came here as our shade be its mentor to lead us in true commitment for each other.

Happy Onam Wishes for all here.

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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