My Prayer With God

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A star in the heavenly sky just said these words beyond doubt. I have only framed in human language I have met. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



God with you is the peace on Earth,

Your grace fills my heart with love,

Your heart bless an infinite ahead time in this life,

Hope I part my last pleading before you in these time,

I am hopeful,

My life rejoice your presence,

I am blessed in this life blessing to be along ahead,

It is against the word to deserve much overpaid,

I may not have observed anything beyond skylimts,

This time is a prayer I submit,

God unite your presence with happiness,

You have rooted in my soul one presence,

In the end I can only keep complete silence,

Within the midst of life,

I can only ask for my parents long life with good prosperous health,

My loved one say more than any life,

If I post more than desirable life will be crucified,

Oh grace of heaven,

Oh glory of creation,

Oh mightest of all,

If you can grant anything less than I deserve,

I hope you will grant every blessing in my loved hearts,

I only ask there be a time to be alive together,

You have send me your gifted guardian angel,

Spread those wings as shade under the skylimits,

God you created me like always unique,

The oracle last told I am born on the most auspicious moment rare ever,

Those stars are my kings in the roof above,

God you have the right to grant a wish,

I cannot ask more than this life's blessings,

If I seek more I cannot be pardoned,

I hope there is only one moment in HIS STORY,

And this is the last time for any gift than their lifetime with happiness.. :)

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