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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is an exercise where any human can honour one greatest source of the highest Guardian as one teacher can ever guide any epic of a soul for all those who travelled in this time and lost in the search of who got this turning point in life ahead. Just like you may note this page how may help in the quest of all soulless faith as a tribute to contribute back to our society. This is my human dream paged in an simplicity of a lifetime to be alive and let one life an endurance to make our vision for peace and happiness in all homes God save our heart together. Help to note this imprint before you have already done things about how you should have already known. :)


In  human epic of search a clay pot bake its spin around one wheel,

Our greatest teacher taught us the passion of a lifetime,

Still the Romans foretold let him first save himself,

In such arena out of hands craft may splash within hearts,

A simple search of question mark stands simple gestures tall,

In humbleness of spirit will a delighted mind always guide a star of Christmas,

All history of human literature always had been heroes who were finally winners,

Yet in the heart of every scholar in search of new dots,

There is a mystery for all lifetime temple in this pursuit of happiness,

Tell me why does it have to be always like this?

When time gave us a tribute of friendship with duty,

I have felt Almighty's plans paced for a willingness to be its service,

In an ecosystem where every page of existence to be its worth,

Today my story starts with this branch of a tree,

Our global village need those who can make some certainty,

Let us explain in 9 such things to be done,

Firstly Biodiversity,
We cut down trees to meet our unlimited needs,
Can we just go green in those new build structure around sustainable coexistence roofs in all community where the people of the lost tribe only have the right to  live in those forest as occupancy? In such climate of meeting any necessity, we may not picture what can be made for their drive towards a time where health for those tribes is also the wealth that can be harvested? We know that any willingness to uplift them is an envelope for all ecosystem and heritage of the land. Our wages of this path knot as a tribute for all the people of the Earth who have come from an art of the century old space in the time we live. Let us live their buyouts and crafts in the handlooms as a support for the makers of a natural artiste can ever make its communion. If seek Sandal wood from their forest, let us not just consume our request in this true answer, but pay the price to bank in revenue for all effort that can root a new tree in this blank space within years. But it is also true that we need a true solution for meeting our unlimited need with scare resource. Let us at least keep certain areas of our land restricted from interference for a longer period against from what is occupied now and make the map borderless from perfection. Our recent issue in this certainty has only been political controversy till date. When new buildings are made in those areas, it must be a pact to search for its natural lightning systems.

Secondly Huge biomass and uncertain disposables,
If we pill human waste and other biomass around an dumping inhabitable pits when rain washes on those lands we create a backyard around our residence with some insecurity for the community health and lots of worse problems. Why can we not make a natural compost near our residence that not only employ people but also create free electricity and organic fertilizers from those material. If any private firm take up this issue of recycling plastic waste, the worse is that there will be lot of objections laid from authorities and none will ever see a materialized promise for a compromise solutions.

Thirdly, Our agricultural harvest and food chain
If we spray poisonous chemical making a larger harvest from lost cost, these unhealthy practises results direct impact on our natural health. Can we say it would be a time for our agriculture harvest must be through bio-organic fertilizers which can be developed if we spent some research around these solution in our universities? We also need Biotechnology revolution through developing certainty by solving any health issue that may arise with 100% adoptions of all knowledge in this informatics connected era.

Fourthly, Save Water and Sustain Irrigation
Yet when our days must start where there are villages in our land which is dry without no water for months. The farmers who look into sky all time under sun for a light rain. Who can make them live longer if  they commit suicide as they cannot pay the debt as they cannot make harvest? It is a crime if we say they are victims of fate. In INDIA Addhar card must be first issued for those farmers. But how can our government spend all its resources to secure home for those farmers who are not fortunate to be literate like us and dont have any bank account. Yet in deserts of Rajasthan they carry water across all the hailing storm of the desert. In a land where we are surrounded by oceans why can we not spend some electricity to distil salty water and supply pure water to masses through public private partnership where they can invest in irrigation with support from government to make it somewhat risk free.

Fifth Our investment in Education
This is one side of my land's story. When we come to education, we have invested in a big turnover. Yet we see students cannot follow local codes of languages as it's taught in school. It is not their or anyone's problem. But the situation is they dont have time than becoming casual labourers. Where people work for their kids in the youthful age, Here children work in all inhospitable condition to feed family. They still have dreams.

Sixth, Right To Food
Our generation has all resources of meeting its food through the best basic distribution system. If we cannot curb inflation, everywhere everything is done to prevent deflation though there is 10 times mass production. What can be done for the poor who dont have proficiency to have bank account but know some mobile numbers or have a mobile outlet in their village to get food at low cost? How can they feed on good food than human waster?

Seventh, Our growing slums in Metropolitans
There are slums in every metropolitan city. It is a curse against society for the people who can change this. People become sick from such corrupted days of experience. If we have to save future, our end to poverty must come from slums.

Eighth, Corruption as a snail
We have a garden in our heart. Our luxury is the pride we can serve our people. If we cannot end corruption, let us end its days of extensions.

Ninth book, A land of 1.25 billion
Today it is a solvable situation to make them win their bread. But this should be through peaceful way. We need all those who can save our ends to daily plight for its citizens. In village we can supply radio's that run with spring powered dynamo as source of its electricity so that they can call local agriculture offices for consultation or listen learn new daily knowledge through All INDIA radio's program. We can cultivate our own dependency from renewable organic resources for meeting all needs. Our signs of future starts here. Look at the song of a sparrow for its dreams. A time with mankind from all the forest where they dwell is their shelter from an time if we can make this happen. If we have respect for those few can call this as a service, let our representatives remove hurdles of long procedure gap and all necessary scripts in this regard may be taken to grant for approval by staging these initiatives as a special category assignment in all its grants to be allocated through transparent practices. Our institutions of all devotion may join in hands for this network, let us bridge an INCREDIBLE INDIA !!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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