My Sweet Love Given Child

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

God has given a new guest for our family. I hope one day this little child will give us lots more ever lived for a beautiful dream ahead. :)

You are so special,

This first day when we saw your smile,

For love gives all you are,

You are our family,

This longest life when those eyes shines your beauty,

For heart ask all you are born here,

Not just one promise,

A gift God brings is your birth,

Not just one surprise,

Yet always dearest among this creation,

I am so thanksgiving why you are our love given child,

Your name ignite a light shining far away in this universe,

When we here come gathering this ray of hope,

Life tells us you are our sweetest gift from heaven above,

Today I want to mail you something,

This is so near our greatest tribute here,

You are becoming a future unforgettable in the days eager to know more,

You will grow up learning this surprise in a new way,

Oh my diya,

You should hold your heart so may lift its take off on a new dream page,

You must not ask why you will be again editing those footsteps,

Life will be breathing everyday more least lived for companionship,

All of us here know this day grateful for a longest gesture of Gods love,

You have this simple life of an awesome story,

Look around you are its witness here,

Always you will be so beautiful in an unwritten page of all devotions,

When I saw you smiling,

My life was taken away feeling those heartbeats,

Given this life is our friendship of God's reunion on this heaven,

You should grow up tall among all ever will read this smile in a life so longest lived here,

My sweet love given child,

This is a thought I thank your artist for a goodness in our creation,

I want you ask your mother one day,

How far all things you will learn come back home every moment a special feeling why I am your child ?

You will see in those eyes,

A fading love of care,

A care gifted of affection,

I know your mother will forget this world when you are there,

We all want to see you grow up in this crazy world,

Asking us those googling words of a life,

Always keeping ourself in anxiety,

What all surprises will be beloved how from your words we will learn this childhood of a new world around this old generation ?

One day I want you fight with your father,

Asking him from the sky above a sign of friendship that this is a rarest beauty I see on the first day you are here,

I am sure he will amuse all anxieties behind your flow like the rain catching how you smile around those simplicity of a heart,

This is our happiness all the time you have something we can gift you far than our child,

You have lots you can add like a child embracing our history for all lost pages,

But more than this starting steps,

I have asked one God a prayer for all you are granted as ours,

His world is awesome so will be yours,

May you always treasure this belonging of a helping hand as gifted care,

Let God gift you this blessing for long healthy prosperous life.

Submitted: October 01, 2017

© Copyright 2022 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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