No More Tuition Fees!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Water, Pure

You and me breathe same air in his arms,

Tomorrow our playground is away,

In this breeding process I have a new star,

How long away with this wind?

Time warns one machine in hearts,

Color we destined in human language,

Script trip avoiding lenses drive gave clothe in contacts,

Somewhere unknown that start some builders stop,

Do they have one coin as may have been compartment be different?,

Away branches Birds flight long away living a milestone,

Living apart simple life born incurable yet reliable,

You and me come closer,

Those pebbles down pavement within pages are born,

As story of wages why water gave you its 20% more in all times,

This 80% harshes give and leave everything behind belongs heriditary,

Let us make the best of atmosphere,

God gave you this light for reassurance as may the light fall on lifes lens,

This is special ever born and may be lot more never ever commited,

That every heart one day for faith add chapters more as tail of comet,

What is the outcome is your duty now?


Where adds this result gives make new history for a turning point?

The cost paid is how can be as water be pure for consumption?

When approaches changes do you cess the divident for problems of pure water?

Are we sure?

Did Gods did their part?

Are we living where history with estimates of its extremes make time possible?

What is this possibility - globaly or localy?

Why do we need conventions when this is a global problem born localy?

Can we unscent this vulnerability we live unnoticed?

Do you need another human like me or my giver crucified in this path?

When we recreate solution do you have recent on your imprint where you were born?

May be I may have said more words when Rome is in fire?

Thank God, I am not Russell!!!

Let me be where I am focussing - pure water, birth of new generation and life.

Now this is something every human ever born is convinced now,  

As more Natures reserve stretch back,

We are reserved with new problems,

Not never as this may sound,

As this wind may have travelled a distant path,

You have some reason why we are begining here,

We need some simple meaning why we need this landmark in time,

As much as every packet make moves, this is a unending trailer,


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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