One Marriage On This Diwali

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

We wish you heartiest joy for your lifelong happiness. In this Diwali may you realize utmost dream life made in your hearts. Let us celebrate this wonder that life creates. Cherish this beauty like never before in one family you aspire. :)

When both of us strive in this friendship with mutual trust in family values,

We'll let among us way feeling equal in this lifelong relationship,

For your gaze silent for making sacrifices,

And loved ones in a bond joyful together,

You will live rise in happiness good in a new-world gladsome mind,

May peace honor harvest care for a beauty within,

The lost in this gift connect heaven untold in a story ahead,

Let there be love shared among us,

So good your family that never let you down,

Giving us a freshness of not being judgemental,

Come as your picture heartbeats live around match making commitments,

Let us celebrate this decorations with new companion from soulful moments,

In awesome greetings on this Diwali,

Together in spirit of one family may God rejoice over you,

Waiting unlimited happiness no more to pay a price,

In name of this time worthy gates unlock desire set them free,

It tells me a small trembling loving heart rejoice still to trust and never fear,

In our deepest woe can feel no heart conceive how dear!

Dearest secret of this sweetest heavenly promise we make for our new guest,

On whose loving heart and lifetime bear who may follow our vision to lead us one day,

A mission may win everlasting joy let us praise God again,

No sadness risen from deathless love welcome your faithfulness may make this music a real life play,

If our Glorious prince defeat enemies who lay us trap we serve beneath forever,

Inside gathered in the Spirit of love and respect for each other,

We rest on its strings no sadness will be our home above,

All the broken hearts anointed in the shade birds had their rest,

May find no room set them that fear when I open up my heart,

If little things raise believer of this promise from God,

Our greatest of worship may pay its wonder,

Worthy of this let us start rejoice in the mirror renewing the secret bond of marriage,

When I fall short blinded in a life-gate with new offerings,

Like my dearest friend support with never afraid chasing after own ways of one lifetime,

Will light beacon unknown glory once frightened to let fear to go,

Exalted in this day my heart tend feast my life gave within,

I thank GoodNews to give thank to God's goodness,

May God's love endures forever,

In any mystery we commit,

Let evil sins never regin,

In bountless question your faith in the desert that test in wilderness,

May this wind and flame let finest days be ahead!!!

Best Wishes together for all!!!


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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