One Time Could Change With God

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If you see the potential behind 6.9 billion human life existing on this Salt of Earth, remake this one time could change together. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If I see my pursuit right with God,

To why I pray for reason to be one solution,

For my dreams comming true,

Like a blank helper in among new generation,

For sweet and loving dairy of unknown events,

If a beautiful angel reach for heaven the way life is,

Our daily character from your heart may find,

For season shades its message,

Sometimes when I follow our faith lead by God,

In this will of life feel HIS presence,

Like a helper in time of trouble,

Giving me strength like a warrior in battlefield,

How can uncertain pages be lead as savior in times of need?

I thank God that many find eternal peace with HIS soul,

For an endless destiny through HIM who gives me power,

Like a little child with no name by following HIS will,

How humble is HIS language of committment?

God found us without being herd,

I was passing by street,

My gestures stop some remains in this lonuge,

In front of this mirror,

You may never get parted while you leave,

For always in solidarity I seek one dream,

In the humble language of life loved,

We seek people becoming friends and they depart,

In anything we ask yet couldnt say,

There is an empty bag with worst trap,

In this mysterious light our examination never fails,

Passing this street I saw God besides,

Yet looked with no reason for fear or greed,

Even blinking of eyelids was heard,

Like a thief running away from the police,

I was ready to give everything for the last days,

Yet beneath stars in HIS destiny for heaven on Earth,

What should be our choice? I asked,

You tell me for the people you owe, God answered

Is this a dream my hour ticked I can realize for all my life? I hoped so

Yet we remain so shocked in those last days,

From the pain of a beggar would search to fly,

Towards the glowing inspiration truth,

All you can gift is the time we live peacefuly,

In a hope that God will be loved,

In a faith that this love will be stood for generation ahead,

In a love that this life cannot be summed in these pages,

In everything you can give me,

I pray God you make this as a beautiful truth,

"Mystery is written inside every grain you consume. 

Can you summon the need of 6.9 billion human lifes
in this voice of one man?" Questioned God


"God can you see in this big potential with your knowledge gifted as a solution. Your faith as guide. Your love everlasting. If this penance exist for secrets we consume this grain, let this never remain as one solution. Your eyes stand the test in this crowd. Am I so gifted this life? Let never ending tale gift ever laid on a dream bear for imperial grace. I must say if it is not true, let what needed to be found not remain for one end alone - your sustainable love for your creation. Let HIS story always remember this start." 


Let my words may not be lost in time we commit for existence in a still weaker ecosystem. Thank for your hearts for one time could change. :)

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