One Voice Within Generations

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Twinkling star in the universe once imagined this passion in our soul for one step ahead. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



One Voice Within Generations

Behind scrolling tracks I uncover,

A mother hold tickling baby passing those strands along railing sand,

Their dream near sunshine of shores tides stretching before magic carved,

In those testing time, not like simple fall,

Can we imagine how we are born here?

Will Mother Nature fill gap investigating cause or awareness?

When Tsunami rushes blunting our eyesight miles ever lives,

Do we make ourselves for uncertainty changing horizon?

Where our limits stand solving does stumbled upon pages?

Are we standing lines in life art singing one eternal gift?

Tiny speck of human conscience test times ahead,

Toasting spread sheet away in pokers coin,

Afraid you lose all winning like a child compromised,

Nothing may overcome this ever you cherish hearts,

Even when you lose everything belong somewhere else,

Eternally you carve comebacks,

Death can’t pull openness,

Destiny takes you there,

Donor enema patterns recognized still daring sky always forever,

“Do dimensions give up against human spirit?” enquired Recruits,

“They need knowledge for why you want this much” poked Chief,

“Are we duration of united endurance?” asked Child,

“Can next step safeguard everything mankind stood for?” told one Mother

“If you have this image, where is your pavement?”, deluded Mind’s

Let illustrations peak history ever spoken,

Yesterday this wasn’t a desert,

It was our village,

We grew up here,

Our freedom consolidated for supreme conscience,

We have faith and we founded foundations,

Still our planetary space grade generation fountain,

You have that star beneath your chest beating pulses,

Had this peace last,

Heart in time laid persistence of independence,

For a supreme entity sharing prosperous secure living,

This is one culture we have,

And so we are bound towards this journey ahead,

This is just the beginning when you know who you are.

You are the voice of one within,

Soulful life is waving times,

A passion of pursuit guides you,

You believe as if you are taken away,

If we have one neighbourhood where ever we own mankind,

If we can exist with happiness heartening loved ones,

If always in us sideline the gift we cherish for unlimited space,

If our time begins and we dont wander in barriers,

If our pain subsides and healing occur each day,

If we may have a unique vision so founded,

If sharing prosperity means lighting new horizon every moment,

If secure sustainable long healthy life with our society adhere essence of all peace, hope and joy,

If we fill in these guidelines,

A delightful, desirable and deliverance for the brightest future in entire life is born,

We become one voice within generations.

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