Paris Climate Deal 2017

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Our contribution must not be halted during a time we need to make this change for global climate health. Here everyone has a equal role that must not face wrinkles in our local yet global governance. We are interconnected to enjoy this welfare wherever we are. Let us enlist our initiative for the next biggest step ever in the entire history. :)

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



When our world leaders battle relationship we keep with Earth's forecasting system free of its graffiti,

Where our life support system on this planet cannot run without a stable climate,

Any predictable welfare measures for our civilizations must rate how will be this change,

Today any model of reform must stop greenhouse gases emissions from changing our future,

As ice melts in the arctic rising volume of water level may submerge our living land surface,

Unlike the ocean ever becoming acidic and rain forest getting lost near our extended Earth,

Where checklists or mindsets of our environment and economy change its face irreversibly,

Making the consequences of mounting environmental deterioration and resource depletion everyday costing us more,

Our consumption economy must benefit the finest principles of labour and its legacies upgradations,

When our watchdogs of this ethical concerns count on the desertification of these disruptions,

Can we not spread the word so that together we can change climate change making the right choices?

We make distinctive monetizable cost by making our rural population environmental refugees,

Today climate change starts from a time back to future,

When our villages in the third world seeks this effect,

It starts from crop failure and starvation,

They battle from floods and cyclones making economic migration in refugee camps,

When people in the developed countries has already made their infrastructure secure,

Do they seek this global concern as a human right issue for new standards in their quality of life?

When we all pay the price what happens across the developing world for mass consumption,

The problems also exist in the developed world as they still depend for large scale of all energy reserves,

Our people depend on clean air, water and stable climate for having prosperous sustainable economy,

Some common implications will make areas live without access to pure water,

Other grasslands will be soaked in too much water,

When global warming make temperature increase disagreeable like dividers of our community extinctions,

What can go beyond all these events that has high personal and economic costs now will be devastating?

Enormous efforts must give way for new modern industries invested in renewable energies,

Such ranking must make business with a stony silence to pay for how they pollute our environment,

At home let us save more energy removing less dependence on Carbon emissions,

Tomorrow it will be not a time when we can debate,

For the people who lost their life due to these embracing events,

This natural consequences in future will mitigate how we shape our policies and who will have to pay for it,

United we stand we can manage the unmanageable future to be a world we will win with less sacrifices,

If we can do a difference living up a fact of life in our quest of innovation in renewable energy,

More we can remember a free atmosphere that equate a right of openess in our challenges,

What true knowledge may be the help for extreme weather conditions,

Today a time we dont have much ask us to contribute more than the world become a warmer step in disbelief,

Our world is one family that this hope is a waking dream,

I am worried about all memories we had about the future,

This issue is a trouble we can overcome now,

Right in the silence we can raise a race so care more than a society of our community life,

If natural causes of global warming observe an awarness,

How strongly we can shape the face of our planet to change its best use of our commitments ahead,

In future nobody will deny your choices became the change our face of the world around seeks,

Where coal-fired power plants emit another significant source of greenhouse gases,

I dont ask you to struggle that illiterates to destroy our issues yet we need development,

We need to experiment how the source continues to become benchmark of a better world,

Tomorrow if you like to donate money,

Make an effort ever-changing your erstwhile eminence as a day for implementing this solution far away from home,

Where human heritage struggle to meet a demonstration in more open trade and investments,

For those implants of renewable technology needs more innovation,

Indirectly when this respect becomes our learning everywhere,

Let us serve this honor for our rural community who seeks your help,

Serving a Better Climate change for this global health,

Today the pledge in global climate change conference must take a step beyond more donations,

It must seek a drive that no waiting achieves economic problem ahead of us,

Our service as wealth must seek the way how positivity will spring from its important global issues,

Now no world leader can demand a true role for these disciplines,

Crossing the line of global business in this energy sector,

There indulge many business cartels where everyone has a strength of takepoints,

When we seek all sides may be as a philanthropist of a better world,

Pledge you will educate those who like to empower true role models of the world we seek around,

Some contributions must result how we can sustain the growth in renewable energy like solar power and windmills,

Your advantage must be human development through the best policies that can resolve without contradictions,

Our wonderful values will be the heritage of a world beyond the next step ahead,

Let us Salute our Better World for all its participants.

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