Pray For INDIA

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a simple poem how much I love my INDIA. Let us adore this patriotism for our mother land. :)

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



When your heart pumbs blood running in the viens of Mother INDIA,

In this long journey I realize three itinerant souls through your consciousness,

Once I have a dream in this time again,

Uncountable is this spirit which owes its mark in every beads of this Rosary,

A few fading resolutions here I share your hope in the same Time,

If our bond of trust is the prayer beared on this happiness of fortunes,

I live this day in the same courtyards seem like a dream,

Who calls out to me is the spirit that weaves its legends on every pulsating lifeline,

A time in this moment when we know we need to do more shakes us up,

Life comes back for each long-forgotten promises for this beholder,

Let us pray for this gift God has given life,

When God has united our days for an unending voice stronger than its unity,

If this message leave for all liberation on this sand from the beginning of Time,

As the night sweeps away no letter arrives,

Yet our days are a gift for this priceless commitment,

Hope the sweetest edge of light renew my days ahead,

If we are what we are even in a message,

Where are we when we come from oldest civilization on this Earth,

How we may be when we relive the largest democracy ever existed on Earth?

Our strength are our people and their trust in one duty we owe our lifes,

When I pray for INDIA for the promises you have made me,

I remain spotless how we can shape the destiny of each beholder,

Our family is the lighthouse of this illumination spilling into my sight,

We care how our kids need a better life the morning feels so bright,

In prayers lovers may embrace your breath mingles with time,

How peace reunite what for our culture behold its facebook in a billion names give its our love to the young ones and compassion to the elders?

In this young arms time tells me again,

If you are one such scholar who respect this truth for your Mother Land,

Be this communion of our diversity carve its image for all upbringing for one Mother INDIA with one billion son of this soil,

How we invite everyone for this friendship shape our existence is more than any treasure for this love?

When I pray for INDIA if a dream gone missing has come,

I start by visiting those villages like mislaid in a year-long night has returned,

How every salt of sweat retouch the grain we farm with hard earned saving of our farmers hardship for our people?

We know these people live a marginal low income livelihood,

I am not sad to mention our country belongs to those poor yet people worth rich of this honor,

Time goes back when we spent experience in those villages asking us this dream is so endearing,

They who are born here never want to be away in a distant dream away for the one of the nightingale voice,

Even when crop fails we are hopeful God's wont disappoint us next time,

Let us come back to the schools which has a valuable reading wall,

With education our Children own the pride of gifting what this Nation want them to become,

They love sharing this knowledge as the greatest passion ever experienced for those kids be gifted for this enrichment,

I feel I smell this presence in the air,

Below a climate under any circumstances they dont forget to spent time studying,

Most of the time kids are compelled to find daily source of livelihood,

Let they find time to be mentored from the heart of those teachers happy to greet them back earning a little time away from work yet seeking what is the source of all knowledge from our universities,

In our family our people leave richness of devotion towards how they nourish every relations in society,

From Monday to Sunday time goes back for all orders spent not for breaking free for the prisoners of the heart,

Our day starts at a time ever noted when kids are given all freedom to be back at home where they are loved most,

If this love for all our effort see a future for them,

This knots of our souls from all paths of life live in faith for all our hearts ever longer than memories of every beautiful day under this vast earth searching for a collection of time to move on,

We are still giving hope for all their activities till this time ends,

When I pray for India,

I find my time be gifted in one such beloved culture,

It is a time we give life for every elders in their old age,

A touch that bonds our heart may heal when they need us most and a time we need to do everything for this early parents,

They need our care as much they loved to raise us from childhood,

May this heart among such wonder I pray every devotion honor this gift,

When we live every moment in devotion with our diety,

I pray for India from the faith we serve this nation for those who remited all this upbringing in time again,

Sometime black cloud rains in our shelther,

Yet even this darkness of spirit bear many truth,

We hope every human who reshape many events for a whole of India devote its fulfillment in the system who entrust all this scrutiny,

Our revoking anger only beared one name,

I call this as a hope we people say it is ok but need to be best on real life practises,

If this is one such system which are governed by laws of society,

For every spending remember those crowd you benefit with make in India,

For every lesiure time mark those soliders who never asked us anything in return for guarding this nation,

For every commitment we hold ourselves back in the solitude of thought for the common man,

For every assurance in the distance between us only lies some weight the heart replays in the day,

If one moment here is a fight for every common man unending in these vines of man-made boundaries,

Give us the spirit for thanking all who gifted us this day,

If time is one such instrument I ask for some favor from God,

I pledge my trust in this prayer for India,

For those people who will never fail in the duty they are entrusted,

If we never made any promise when this innocent question call them touching me from within as I roll my name in this long adventure of the heart,

Our destination pause to rest on this journey as I search this footprints in the whole earthly ways outside the beautiful of the time from where I am here,

This entire sky I find behind my eyelids listen there is a true story little in words like an age-old tale behind a incident I voice again,

Today in every telling story this stranger on a journey leave a rhythm of silence in the language of my eyes,

When I am alone in this city searching a house of our own untold where INDIA dwells in this digital age,

The days we lived yesterday refuses to go back,

On the ground for a moment people search for sustainence not just for livelihood but day after day chased away in the sleep of a few hapless dream,

Their days jumps with joy must be a hope who calls out to every Indian behind all the stoned walls and doors in the urban dream will always be born stealing a moment in the shade,

For centuries we have been in a message in the fire of the soul under the blazing sun,

We are not imprisoned in the fragrance of freedom swayed by temptation picked up for a fight for the keys of this house,

All over this day my lovers of this land embrace like a night to stay awake hoping not to be locked in the intoxication of dreams,

Today for my India if I want anything for all the paths of life from God,

I put faith in those gifted days under this vast earth for all HIS lamps in all the houses,

A star beloved for every home in this treasure worth millions for you,

For someone who knock at your door tonight in the night of prayers,

May live those pangs of this illusioned dream,

Many seasons to embrace the tangable kiss of life hoping every single drop of possibilities,

A blessing ever favor the tender heart from the flow of the river that never stops,

One time I ask the light to move on that went out last nights,

All paths of this strange collection has put in the days ahead,

Endless like the seas all this feels you will find some peace like a dream page where you are,

May be life is one such sunshine I feels to be Indian,

I remember all those night that never steal my peace through the winds that go between good and bad,

If I have seen God in this pages of a prayer for my INDIA,

When you have an age-old relationship with this entity of our existence,

I may not be drowning,

Yet I need a time from destiny ahead,

Greeting my ways of life never knocking the breath out of me,

Yet our days endless like the seas,

May be boundless like the skies,

Telling every Indian feel they realized a dream to embrace your truth,

In a life that find peace what am I to tell myself,

Let us unravel the morning at times out of a bundle of such stars on my prayer for INDIA.

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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