Quake Hits Global Citizens

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Yet this much devastation on the soil of Earth with one Quake. It may have shook one nation but has made what ultimately for reasons so much with life's scattered who does have lost every of their savings. I am here writing this article just an inquiry, who gains? If not, why this fact before us helpless?

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



A prayer at the depth of heart ask one question, where are you at the midst seeking adoration of loss and pay in the book of life? A dream village wiped off. Someone who resists this calamity yet may never be forgiven for the devastation of Nature's fury. In the midst of occupation heat evolves from provisions where destiny again needed to rebuild the workshop. What happens if sun sets before the impression of soul lay in the heart beats of trillions human beings yet made on this planet? Is this the question of devastation in our life? Can we just pray in few lines this much beginning in human history paid justice? I must say these are the lines of code written by a superior person than the author of remaking.

\"In humility of ultimate grace that we must unite boundaries towards one beat in a trillion homes where we need fire and evacuating these fumes as bundles into unity that has always surfaced under one kindle umbrella within the supreme entity safeguarding existence, eternity and ultimate exit into new corner of life again, we believe that any way for devastation has no meaning anywhere in this conduct of universal ethics that make reasons like the rainbow made in the horizon made so easy with the gift Almighty has laid within his impression in the stars and our destiny as yesterday those drops of darkness make young children vulnerable when they leave here not as seasons that your children on Earth if we cannot comply by those uniform norms as test of vacuum when we seek each other in this dark days, do you still listen this article as someone else meaning than your presence in lifetime so much as there is only one silence being here on Earth as far as Trinity cannot be compiling the challenge to remake their life safer, secure, sustainable and survival not to be the act of punishment but seeking the destiny of pieces of assembly written as in the book of life, when angels read those on this planet they were born, do you seek presence of those who seeks life as tribute so far ever on any planet when all reach your shore back as much as tender souls who lived out in a globe so pricelessly infinite landmarks were taken away and what may be its better stance of post in this note if you never understood that we also are keen making only very less for our loved ones love than in the service tough terrains may have always remade a new reply for those who belong most importantly than our own presence before Almighty always? Every day as passes by this cannot be honoured in making pages of entry the names of people missing and another countless thrown away from their life. Does we make any reason for the peaceful resources stretch wherever there is life that can give back for your kindness we are alive than snatch everything we have and no where there is an unending sacrifice towards misery? Almighty, can you tell me the end of this brutual act of the victims we are? If we are created to be this sole race till the end, what would we can do for one person more important than us at home if they can be till without harm? There may be life beyond this existence but when hearts unsolved rhythm meets the vision that’s gifted; I may ask for some composition within the rage of Mother Nature that it may not avail harm against simple families. If some shore often binds Almighty's possession and Mother Nature spring, that would be the light reaching homes at all times, this reality shapes what is ahead and looks beyond countless stretch having read the revisions. Will this light from sky limits keeps searching for what would mesmerise this quake that shall made global citizen ask just one question, can this gracious light shine where there is new life again and this zone of space be rebuild, reassured with sustainability and refilled as needed in my lifetime? Almighty's graces have covered the will of uncertainty from the rest of the innovation made in time. Sometimes that would recover milestones ahead of giving the gift back to our wellbeing. It is a time in this destiny that shapes eternity and who should be ahead of us can no longer be one pinpoint in lifetime. We need one identity whosoever look these lines of a gracious wish as one global citizen. May you don’t miss it!!!

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