Save Water 2016

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If you love to harvest this treasure, let us collectively act for conserving pure water sources from human cruelty. Let us only extend this support for all. :)

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



When saving every drop of pure water source is the living dependencies for all life on our planet,

If this doesnt grow on trees,

For a better future this timeless pleasure reminds us of its priceless treasure conserving life in our ecosystem,

Even this wont break the bank,

When I write this letter from the deepest grace where dwells the mysterious power over all living things,

Its not only just a drop in the bucket,

For an art strange in the world of any definition its language gratify a necessity of life with no taste, no color, no odor may relish one delight pleases our senses;

Even this is more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man,

When this invoke any holiness a bath in the little water of all names may cleanse us of our wrong deeds,

Its something beyond any war ever fought,

For all streams that distract water cycle tempts our different tendencies in this life cycle may this source flow forever the touch gone before what may be unforgettable,

Even this is the best healthy package that never wrinkles,

When rain bless the parched land turning this garden of Earth green may one bird sing the love where its living life is most happy,

Its behind this happiness we create our global village,

For until its last drop to drink everywhere needs a global sustainable developmental culture critical for billions in the alleviation of poverty and hunger, and is indispensable for human health and well-being;

Even this claim needs more scrutinity for days ahead,

When this future essence of life in the water sources is essential for all why create a planet not having safe water to drink,

If we can support this cause,

For lacking a collective will wanting the need for conserving pure water channels where our food grows,

Even may happen before problems reach the boiling point from a disaster we are away today,

When the future generation needs this world's blood,

If our actions not make them live in desert tomorrow,

For water preservation today means we do live in a future we dont cry,

Even this will benefit unless we care when there is no other option left,

When we work or play using less and saving more water,

If this let us be smarter saving every drop as this green life may helps us all,

For a better tomorrow let us think globally yet act locally,

Extending this cause around our living neighborhood will be the greatest service for humanity in need for your support for this genuine cause from all here... :)  

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