Saving the Ganges

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every word constructed here has a meaning. Hope you can convey this better in real life. :)

It is early evening...

I flow through excellence made in the depth of rooted culture,

I find myself away in making another destiny across borders,

My end may be along the passage of time between three horizons,

Yet I carry the existence of life,

Many ages in this seal I am honored as Ganges,

A heart of holiness encircle faith in devotion,

How many ever this miles ahead of life give blessing for purity,

To date I am honored with great submission when you cleanse yourself,

If your heart ever wins eternal happiness you know me,

Tons of waste flow in my path when I reach your shore,

I cant be the past sight ahead for longing deprivation,

Many history surrounds my man of the tournament,

A can in the filling has something to tell you,

I am not your teacher,

I have nothing more than gratitute when you take dip,

Life has an emblem when footprints forms the supreme spirit,

I orginate in the valleys of himalayas,

History traces my path for debuted human offerings,

I sublime this truth,

Today I wake up in the ends,

I know you are just a role ages came on its way,

Hoping that you can route many course of my water,

I give rise towards greater presence in this life,

My purity is this water,

I made this spirit for a tasteless liquid,

Every series of birth life gives may rise for peace,

I wake up for the day in making your marothon in hope,

My joy is your effort,

My field is your playground,

My boom is your life,

I have found some way in the knowledge mines,

They are people who can recreate my script,

This is the strong story of Ganges in its cup of Victory,




It is just before the new day...

I know your pain that you need everything,

I, the ganges, have sublimed that you have requested,

You take me through those course,

When dust become soild poison on my way,

I shift my valley and lot of ribbon flow with water,

They melt ice once formed in himalayas,

It causes rise in water levels,

This is Mother Natures fulkrum,

SHE has cause rooted for bringing out these pieces,

It happens and science say this as global warming,

Tomorrow I cannot be back,

Today I can be your blackboard,

When you rewrite your past,

When you channel life made on this openness,

I have a question,

Will this situation remain the life of the whole new generation?

I sing this instrument for hope in midst of calamity,

You cant throw your word as no,

Nor can your word rush the hope hour,

You are my source,

I am your presence,

I am the ganges,

You have a resume,

I have a response,

Let us give this a craft,

Something always unstoppable in time,

Let world honor for what history will bless human,

And ahead of everything let us simplify this human truth,

I cannot be your partner,

I flow from the rocks and,

Shifting many valleys in presence of life,

God gave us this time,

You are lost as your savings is a solid trust,

I am lost as your honor is a solvent treasure,

I sing this song on my path,

You are not my friend as a runaway guest,

I have only been in history of companions,

Your deliverance is my prayer,

Life as routed this past humbly,

May be we have sowed the seed,

This time is precious, 

My drains has another gate,

It is called life and its culture,

I carry it along this welded screen,

Your responsibility is our giving for my submission,

This giving has been my honor in HER presence,

Notably we need more than words,

I have been life,

The tunes you find is a symbol,

The other side is disaster for many in flood,

If I was God, I would stand for my word for saving Ganges,

But how can I cleanse my land of workers from their ends,

May be if I am God, I will stand for my food for milling Ganges,

But how can I stop my province from the man-made chain of productivity,

Today and tomorrow you are honored,

As I have found this choice in each one of you,

Your effort is our action,

God has word is our faith,

Each one is just the same sign of this presence,

Save the Ganges before it is too late.




Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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E of West Glendia

Nice work

Fri, April 6th, 2018 9:58pm

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