Solider On Holiday

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I have enlisted something more priceless than this writing. It's a tribute, to every drop of tear ever shed. This is dedicated to all the soldiers who have sacrificed their dreams, love, emotions, happiness, hope, friendship and everything for our families back home. Hope you will always renew this beginning. :)

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



If they have families beyond emotions,

When we keep lighting this happiness,

This hope runs in those blood shed for my nation,

In this destiny every dearest life on this belonging tribute a wish,

May this morning sun shine on everyone without making choices,

Their earnest sacrifice smile its ultimate sacrement loved ever,

I may stumble and fall crawling anywhere yet I will swallow my pride,

To say these are the greatest life who safeguard our borders,

If anywhere I can follow them these days passing those highest honored steps ever,

Even times I see myself for the gift being born here reminds who I am,

While I sleep peacefully I am stopped by who gifted me this delight,

My heart unknown in this awakeness leave this note pricelessly,

When there is something more compelling than life,

If this stranger I never met saw merits in the life they safeguard,

I find speechless captured in destiny I cannot hide within,

Today how our voice deepens their longest day ever lived,

If any mirror echo one promise of this prayer for those untold lifes,

May the night full of twinkling stars rinse this skylimit for timeless honor,

Till then I depict this passage of time as a solider on holiday.. :)

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