Someone is listening

Poem by: abyskaria


With old beats Veena stops. The old man yet does dreams under concrete structures. Life breaths.:)


Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



You said this doubtfully,

An heritage lost among generations lives,

What is heart beats so passionate about?

Does ever entity brings backs their foot shades?

Cloud as they cover the sky,

In the jungle of time breaths one old age,

They dreamt about equality,

Oneness may shine new freedom from hunger,

In the homes of treasure gives cables hover inside,

They do above equations,

One may shore new nations frame humbly,

In the courtyard of tombs lives an economist,

Their head price figures,

Can you give anything free with savings?

The child spoted water beneath the soil,

Clouds wont give them without sun, foretold economist

Child ran into the jungle and burrowed,

There was a rat who made burrows,

Alice who lost her lamb also lived there,

Can I get a rat to play with?, asked the child

But you are not a cat, told Alice

Why are you here?, asked Alice

Child blinked and commented,

To like life the way I want,

But you didnt make your point clear, enquired Alice

"I read your annuals, dear Alice

It said you followed the rabbit,

In the phase you missed your drawing book..."

Wait, my drawing book, what do you mean? pondered Alice

You shouldnt be here, Alice, is your father tax collector?

may be, why do you want to know about it, child?

I want to help others but I dont have fund, said child

If your father gets you back he said...

"Wait, do you know what is help?

Do you like grants or savings?", asked Alice

The child was delighted, Savings, shined his eyes

"Can you tell me why you like savings?" asked Alice

I can earn money of my free will to spent?

"Right, then why dont you try in that side?" asked Alice

Do you know when I can be with you here like this is my time alive?

But they will not live any help nor get any grant when I seek tomorrow.

"Are you going to cry?" Alice

Do you seek one brick in ATM all around the world? Child

Whats that? Alice

One cent everyday can feed billions if ATM accept one cent

I went to United Nations, they say if they revolve without freedom of transactions as now,

One cent donated will reach donation directly in their pockets only after I spend $10,

"Then let those people make their savings from work, why bother?" Alice

Anyone can become oneday like them in this era, Child

"Do you want to come with you to meet my dad?" Alice

Yes, Child

"Close your eyes,

Lose yourself,

Feel climbing stairs,

Now open your eyes" Alice

Where are you now? Is this new skylimits?, Child

"Hey, your days are back. Love your respect with acceptance from others.

You can change happiness from untold grain life gives you for millions one day.

Your thoughts are challenges and when eyes have a sky, eyelids close for skylimits.

One day there is a time more in those village.

Try to cultivate this now.

Ask anyone who understand the theme share the secret message hidden.

You are living communion of this world.

Let us share this positively when you can fentch right hands.

Analyse your feedback from every life.

This life is a gift and you share this once in a cresent moon like never.

Enjoy. Have Fun. Nice Meeting You." Alice





© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

Someone is listening

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



With old beats Veena stops. The old man yet does dreams under concrete structures. Life breaths.:)
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