Song Of A Life

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Just a thought in philosophy. I loved to recompose its threads. Thanks for reading. :)

Submitted: March 23, 2016

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Submitted: March 23, 2016



When will you like to invite a new stranger in your life again?
Why'd i do that?
May be it is so much interesting when the world like you more,
Do you feel this special life is filled with tons of fun?

When every time is special for me,
Oh tell me one time you will never forget,
May every moment is unforgettable for this life,
You are so loving this life more than friendship,
It fills within so much of love,
Do you just run away when someone left everything back for you?
How understanding is this life?
People all time cannot love you more than this,
When you never felt so much,
You will know how special you are,
May be God come from this strange land of uncommon events,
Do you believe in the love that cherish everyone so humble in this life?
How do you greet this song of a life?
Where the biggest takeaway are gestures you leave behind,
When every such moment is unforgettable
Do you care for the utmost time when the world is waiting for you?
How will you spent your time greeting this occasion ?
Feeling you are so near yet away,
You say i'm not philosopher and i don't know,
Only time will be this messenger. I hope so.
When you can never chain this mind so loved its palace,
Do you feel there is a simple gratitude without its living spirit?
Where the greatest song of a life is played,
Without audience will this story be unending,
I feel the change we bury this climate for someone else,
May never wave endlessly for something not wise,
How will this life ever be lived?
Is everything time brought us not just for us...
Given away in the spring of our age,
Feeling there is a song so scared in this writing,
Lastly one day you will understand that the day shine always near its borders,
Not to waste your time in pain,
But together make its rhyme so special,
To tell you that this beauty of your life is so auspicious,
As age draw circles in my young life,
When I cannot feel the world is getting past its life,
When you ask me how old I am,
All this meaning fails me within that this is just a philosophy,
Just treating that some beautiful words has crowned one laughter,
As I write down how interesting this time might me,
All days that pass those shadows of wisdom,
Tell me within to call out for something life ask more,
In this song of a life pain is ignorance,
All that shines will be where you will be,
Yet I ask again,
Do you forget something more essential?
Never until the biggest day will be when you grow old,
And those who left away this gathering came back young in life again...

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