Source Code Of Brain Cancer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Most of the crowd would never read what is implied. A life with its own sketch of dreams. Life has a chart where there are many destination. Embodied in life this is a draft we cannot censure without preformating the unknown. You may think what is being written. I would say I have concluded in simple words without making typing and redrafting just towards its mystery. The poem is written in the simplest understanding for a world free of cancer. :)

How much do we try to understand our mind?
A sequence undittered in time
Gift with click for the rest of their life,
One moment back from the tracks down this mind
Have ever looked into this comfort of seeing one more day
 When human live they grant everything in lifeline
As we move we through the pressure point of life
For our mental happiness we dont make thinking happen
Sometimes for many this seriousness is dying everyday
Does life come before them as an ocassion of life?
The strange time backs memories while remembering face 
Life is dearest without completion for some path
What can be done for once ever dettered brain cells?
Inside human brain as seasons unwind
Leaving new shore besides these lines
Sometimes outside heat may be drastic
These may wrill curves and forgets human touch
Had this ever occured for you in this life?, asked by a young heart
How can we give a code for unpredictability?, enquired a scientist
I was one my way unknown in comming across this path
How can someone program at the tips of neuron?
Mapping cerebellum across the density of silence
Where solvent threads dangle free inside lookup for sensitivity around
This is just about one of its step on the mass of pertubance
More wider in vaccum within making natures ciruit language as we speak

Let us open up time and soul into these words
Kindness fill lovably inside for solution
In brim of study their is an enveloped gap
Can I add last of my few lines in these solution?

\"Lacking knowhow for picking up
Steps seem vaderating
Falls feel inevitable
Yet the will of spirit
Beats inside their self across one heart
How could affection care more
Denser in the brain's life matters
With eyes solving grey compartment extend lifeline
White may have given up ends
A hand at the touch of gravity
A gentle heat would put smiles across
How they recoginise streets picture differently
Another world for very kindle heart
Can they also be our utmost in a survival for existence?
In twist and turns of cancer without the side effects
In activity some lost dreams
Scary been in simple inputs
The True Voice Of One Generation\"

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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