Storehouse Of New Year 2017

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Christian Writers

This is something you always wanted. I have only added some thoughts for this gift. :)

If you can love me as your dearest child,

All the way feeling that you will be near,

Waiting to take every step holding your hand,

Loving this simple life God has sowed in our existence,

For the gracious care I feel besides you,

You are my teacher who has guided me all my life,

Our wonders of this life has been filled with this true story as a blessing,

Like a dream series how humble I may unite every simple grant for this belongings of a lifetime,

Where your song enchant our rhythm deep within my soul,

I am thankful for God who has never rejected mercy when I fall for forgiveness before HIS heavenly prayer,

Sometimes I like to celebrate this message unique in being my epic maker on those footprints in time,

This experience has shown me all the way to be together with God's presence in my family,

Where all heart beats leave silence for the compassion within,

I felt this pattern of all giving care drawn in the seed of my birth came from infinite incarnation to be the longest story of this birth on Earth for our future generation,

Here I feel eternity beyond any currency will be ploughed out of this soul may buy our daily bread of this existence I earn for living our salt of the Earths soil,

Sometimes I feel God sent me here for a duty I am born out of a gifted plan given in HIS unique purpose,

Someday I light this living candle never departed in any moment of this journey times ahead for a new guest at home,

Sometimes I accept this friendship made here for a purpose my request will be the message of this enlightened life,

Someday when God visit my home like a time traveller away from selecting a day seeking to fulfill all life has granted for this stranger I am waiting near the shore of my life,

May I ask God to do me a favor for all this life may be made to free my home from the risk of all uncertainity,

When I return a blessing so granted to be cared for all HIS attendence like a salior in time gone away with the accounts of all our savings,

If my home desire God for making all HIS finding to be the Heaven on Earth,

May the willingness to challenge all the situation I face come like a request to contact back all lost in this time together to welcome back again in a life again,

Till now this uncertainity never had an ending God wanted us never to be so loved in HIS care,

For our home where happiness share a living blessing loved to harvest a pursuit of healthy gift long ever lived in this life till I live here,

In this God's calender if each call connect a message we receive here from its participants,

Where no darkness of emptiness bless countless hope around the madien garden of time ahead,

When no heart fall in silence filled in devotion for your loved home here,

Again here I seek to utilize every day of my life gifted for new upcomming duties,

If I may pull myself away from everything made before making my life simple for this grant,

Here I save this choice everyday of my life giving away for untouched ritual of events,

Where I limit myself for answering any resolution I have spoken till now,

When I unlock myself for experiencing any reason I have find myself till now,

Why I knock myself for solutions any reassurance I have made till now,

Will I swipe myself for examining any result I have scrolled till now,

This deadline may cross its wounds unhealed if I forget a day I may forgive to learn the silence of all feedbacks I must known within myself,

For God I am patching myself on a dice where game is played for benefits of the owner I secure in my faith,

If this play rinse its roots on the lifeless dark ocean of all forsaken crimes devil sponsors,

I may not know why this day might win any deadline down the rocks where I have founded my home so precious,

Here everyday I catch up to fight securing my future from the act of ignorance towards the light of knowledge guided on my teachers dairy in this lifeline,

If I care to bank safety net while I try to hunt down every crime I may commit here,

For this resolution I may frame time as its beneficionary dwelling with one wild hunter of fate,

If I dare to solve situations while I face to empty no blood around this ocean I may rinse sins done here,

For this humbleness I may face silence as its holding currency with one instinct cultivated of soul,

If God care where fate dare to empty its bank safetly hunted down for peace around an opening door leaving its steps I may commute divine form of no record ever found where we lived till now,

Will the energy that bring back spring for the changing seasons of life from death may never end show of Almighty's footprint we left on this soil for a choice our harvested knowledge from the windmill of time spaced with loved grace for all ?

If your answer meets certainity how it may be,

May I ask you for all from the Mother of creation unread this answering call from a sacred heart,

Will ever be unknown from the fact that our days just left us with an assumption that we can still renew every trade of life back from where we will be securing this future commonly for all in an act of gifted cooperation of our teachers wish I may only note its ending search for live solutions ?

From this communication I am locking my words around a time where,

Hope bring back every christmas evergreen,
Love nourish back every christmas need,
Peace harvest back every christmas within,

For this submission I am unlocking my service around a space where,

Duty bring back every next day spirited,
Hardwork noursih back every new events lovable,
Innovations harvest back every new situation respectful,

Yet God expects more from all of us,

For being human we are subject of some weakness,

Yet God expects solution from all of us,

For being HIS child we must do justice for following those strengths we are made of some blessings,

Yet God expects we must act now,

For being everything God needs our cooperation,

No day must not be followed without this renewed steps in time again,

Some extreme habits still kills us,

Yet God expect we must avoid those evil thoughts,

For being dearest in all creation cared for HIS love,

Our time must be for wellbeing of all enacted to solve problems than create a new one again,

Let everything lead us for a prosperous gifted event called blessings of this new year. 

Submitted: November 19, 2016

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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