Succeed Amongst Stark Stars

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Let us combine the western and eastern beliefs to adhere to the meaning of being human.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



A designer was crafted amongst the least of this presence to be understood. If it means to tie up with the fate of uncertainity as the stark dome would design out of testing scenarios, I would say let us get over with timely changes.

The fate of Uncertainty along the curves of times away from the extremes in a natural background, there is a picture of natures perseverance. Seasons will change and guided by those requisite in the ample space of history. In the mass of easy learning there lived a massive force and it called itself as uncertainty. And the easiest way for this easy learning is analysing your past strategies. As a child making packages a time frame from an drama to another and occupied by the vast streams narrowing across mindsets. Where do you fit those stars in this dome? Life to exist even more on the word called uncertainity it measured the behavioral module. Instined to the fate of what has fallen to the ground and discovered by an Indian the possibilities of a vicious circle in the zero of walkover its boundaries to limit our thoughts to this figure. Waxing out the ever lived history humans have drawn conclusion over the mastery to be discovered and to be explored all the way over evolution. Possitivity brings back life for the unique number system scattered out of unique patterns edited in this box. They are scattered and unique patterns form the business of life encircled for changes why history is for.

A life where the faith of uncertainity is not rhymes brings how we fought battles in mysifying deserts informative knowledge automated system existence is carved those wars was towards this. We need an appraisal to bring forth under one roof again when our backbone institutions are not allowed to work and their stemcells are cricified before a ladder to reunite the fate of uncertainty. A time for every season and a season for every session in the makers of this destiny and exist long before anyone has invented. This can cease to ruin the stars amongst stark dome. And we are the makers of this destiny and a policy of one imitation of its laws. Coloring its layout existence making a change seemingly manageable. This is another event of history as beginning for his story never ever remade in time.

We have designed the assurance of every infinite stars of the stardome to provide dreaming innovation of modern history and today we are making our dreams art of the innovator.  It has to be sustained for the blessing of our future generation who learns from  these kindle kindness.  They look into our  deeds and learn from the bags they carryout their dreaming chase on the offshore of their study tables. Someone took  out a book and had written out his dreams of the future in words and without any chase of  rewards can award.  This word was translated into meaning why institutions stood for delivered the reasons for their existence and those prophesy was examined out of every meaning it was reasonable. I saw another kid reading one of the book "First Break All The Rules" and had found its meaning among leaders who have taken oath to lead the masses. Today when I examine the words the kid put into its meanings I am delighted that we have leaders who have accountably the best of the history. In the chase of power, position and money they have forgotten the health and social equality of nations growth and many are out of this dilema. There is another side of history and I will draft it out here.

Ever Almighty has blessed time with value to get out the best result at hand. Today we measure this income what is before us. But that has never been thought why it never have been history. At times of the best security reasons both the divided nations set apart its players to play in the drentching conditions to set standard for the nation. The workers of united nation persisted at adversery to meet challenges towards big dreams. At the extreme conditions mission a war was fought and who won made the extravegenza of attention that the economy would be diverted and real history is the war must have been fought and the reason is what is the measure for the unit of sustainence of all. Now we need a climate change of why this history has been so far. Mother Nature has been violent and the inflow of dew drops in the tip of lotus suites only a few. In the world ahead meaning has to be understood. We need some sense in pipelining peace making from the grassroot. We need as tax payers adhere and stimulate the national resources towards its operativeness. We still need our people to be the beneficiary and run the economy towards leverage of human practical knowledge. We still more have to transform this into reality and the fate is not the hands of our mirrors but when we empower others. Our spendings need to sharpen in infra spending and making the world out of its horizon from issues. To be having space of striking back we and our investments are believingly the fortunes pack of the future generation. We are divesting our means when we exist for ourself. Let us open up the belief of making it big beyond human endurance to do much about practice progressing forward and emerging out carrying it productively in all sectors appropriately and beneficially for all.

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