The Rights For Our Future

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I have nothing new here and I only listen to weave this effort for the best concerns here. :)

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



“Time never cuts down its shelter unless you cannot ignite a fire in your hearts vision”

Burning deeply in a wound, time carried out for its reasons, I don’t know how to say, yet couldn’t just recall, where it values our existence? Our heart still remains compassionate for living the perseverance what a lifetime cannot ignore. To make good when our choices leaves paramount consideration of justice and fairness, still watches if the texture take care of these changes. What can be done require a fair hearing listening how complex the perplexity of the current situations don’t worsen in time again, and act stressing social presence that is inalienable as an organic human living, and might evolve delaying the unforeseen? Compassionate for the living creatures what nature disrupts still is borne by the gap that exist between reality and the state of the owner. Who causes these wounds run into some burning issues what constituted our society to exist as a home in the entire universe? Let me start this belonging from its natural character.

If home seems to exist as our coming back, no doubts than urgent steps may foresee, the claimants that measures our progress can acquire how our ancestors left us this unfailing heritage. It can not only be based on social obligation of state and the relevant scientific uncertainty. Here people who plant a right for this land and handmade lifestyle, knows the nucleus of their existence is the property, may not have manifested it into a derived sustainability. When we inherited this from our ancestors, who were conscious of the fact that a natural condition of ecological balance cannot be compromised with large scale restructuring the biological environment. It can be said the purpose of protecting and preventing environmental disruptions still warn us about the instrumentalities of its implications. But it is the natural posterity for new governing experiences that always taught us a new way to coexist our man-made structures against those in the future. May be who finally discharges the right for making it secure will be the consideration of justice and fairness? It is open to us, as urgent steps must be taken when we rehabilitate the displaced masses with established grants, more than considerable what type or extent of development can correct such activity. Building a welfare society for the entire humanity seems to hold that it does require the right to life and duty to protect the environment must take the shape of an ecological township when we recreate this new homely forest wealth. Our ulterior motive must start by planting more trees and reducing carbon emissions. But where will be this ecological township?

Let us look into the insight of concrete building born into our midst where once we had a fair healing around our natural environmental regime. We have compromised enshrined violations on mountainous terrains and the gravity of these practices is still growing on. It can be seen that the nature of our activity must not wreak vengeance on a rival act by the Living Earth. Here the growing vulnerabilities destroy the ecological health and in turn disrupt the instrumentalities what has always served to sustain our wildlife. Still I argue there must be an effective proceeding to this aspect of our interventions with the natural food chains. It still alerts that these observations will only remain evident only in news media debates and always met with the attention from commendatory case studies. Even when we have many strict environmental laws these seems ignorant why human being has become economic beings. What still seems relevant that such exercise must be done appropriately without any infringements on those protected environmental heritages that are confined with international public exchequer?

Today we need one international public exchequer who can act real time and always checks on these safety measures against violations of environmental norms. Every such instances must be disposed with heavy penalty and this amount collected must be distributed for conscious efforts taken up by new eco start-ups. These talented start-ups will meet and account for funds collected to make an investment that raises to plant trees and do contribute to use fewer plastic bags towards a greener planet. It is a natural rule that we need bricks and mud to build our home. Creating these initiatives that give a source of revenue must directly come into force and make the home be satisfied by spreading awareness. This is a larger part of our planet that can be home for the entire organic food crops for our global village. Let me measure our investment to govern more new generation to come for every home that will start a waste reductions and wealth management through every traditional initiative. We already have this asset and it is the very dream every citizen of my state who can come up with this effort started from their own locality wherever they are, will be the final goal of an effort to revamp the discovery into the heart of God’s own country? Before concluding, I would like to request a simple gesture that must be mentioned.

We have an indispensable heritage where mankind survived everywhere with this greatest asset what even made God’s call this as their home. It always remains our fight and accept when unrealities never become our uncertainties. We always believed the public trust doctrine always made us world leaders promoting our identity in a man-made fortune that dictated the fate of the deviation no power owed our identity, except the faith in one humanity. Today we pledge this assessment to give us a cutting edge for creating wealth in our own land abiding with all environment concerns that will never be against this universal public trust doctrine and the trust edge that gave us this strength. Who comes here as our guest always made us the avoidance never forgetting our memoir in time? This is our promise and the claimants still have a voice to serve the peace founded in the name of one God as the granted being of existence.

Before I conclude, I write down a simple story of the servant and master who comes here to clear away the weeds in our Eden garden. Today our master only sees a big dream that has rooted its trust in the faith of the entire universe accompanied to tell you, all of us must keep this exception not granted. Any benefit we are gifted always waited for our home living together with our entire challenges against what the master has discharged us to do and never forget that this is a message of remembrances. Today I take measuring this precaution that the fruits of our eco-friendly development are not what should be borrowed than must be rooted into our past how we survived for one home for the entire humanity till now. When the master comes back home again, let us remake every weeds in this garden for a compromised decisive act that will be remembered in the history forever.

What we collect now will plant a planet for our new generation and let their dreams we weave now may plant more trees. May this dream give them a shade to serve and protect the entire human bond with Mother Nature. For one name and identity let us owe to protect the environment and serve on the laws that govern the existence of everyone here.

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