Think this much have been your life

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Last days when the candle was lighted. I don't know how this is going to be but we will have to face this day one day when you will be warmed up with all the thoughts that light the heaven, hell and earth below. You will never understand this pain unless you lost everything and none to be taken care. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



All you wanted just swept away in the tide,

The shopkeeper just closed the shutters before you,

Everything and everyone who smiled yesterday just went blank,

When you think back this wasnt yesterday,

Yesterday money did not give pain,

Now without money there is pain,

Someone was there to warm you up,

Those footsteps leaned for heartening spirit,

What has actually happened just went aside?,

You in the midst of all you lost,

Do you believe they actually needed any result?

Actually it is the life you smiled for enchanting roads,

There were many around the little day with you,

Think this has been your life,

You lost every action within the words you own,

Tomorrow your dreams laid had a point blank in history,

Did your thoughts ran in the rush hour how to be part with what you have?

Or are you already empty and everything lost,

This must not be your life for the dream this man shared with you,

But how can you go back in the past?

Does future hold any promise when the finance sinks?

What options you have when everyone needed only the money thats left?

What will you do if you have no choice than give up?

Have you ever felt those heart beats in the land of the yard,

I dont know how this will be in my life,

Nor you cant compartment those segments ever lived,

Even when this was lost,

He who went through those days can leave you alone,

All the pain for what you have given,

All the false promise you could only utter,

If this is our life,

Who has the choice left?

What will time ever speak of that day ahead?

Someday is not like the rest,

When you cant even think whats right,

Who will part difference with your adictions you are crypted?

Is this the life that you wanted?

How will you make the surprises change with the life lived?

Today this has left question mark,

Are you seeking what you cant even see for that day ahead?

When all you wanted just left you,

The day is nearing for the compromise of the hour,

No one in the support of what you are,

And none needs any result from you,

All that life has ever parted just swinging in the balance,

What will you do then?

Do you think there is a God so lending you a helping hand?

Without you ever being told where you are directed?

All this made has changed in the signs of the lost wind,

Can you imagine what you have lost?

Is this the life you need ahead?

What can you do when you are marked red?

Do you challenge the way life is ever lead?

This much have been history so far,

There is no running away from where you are,

The fountain of life you cant give away is beside,

The choice is yours,

Can you sweep the waves with your hardwork in the way you lived?

Or you need the compromise for what you want with your life ahead?

Both of this has to act now,

Except with the heartening life of this teachers journey all your life,

Adore by the wisdom you can share,

Make the craft of existence how much this never has been,

Dont be loosen in the life you lead,

But pick up the grains that are left,

In your field there is a garden,

Sow those seeds in its heart,

All that time can grant is the harvest,

Let us recollect those past with the future that is sown,

This much life ever lived is worth,

Tomorrow may or may not be there with you,

You are never parted with this existence,

All you granted is where the source guides your wish,

Let the seeker of existence make this root abundant,

Making magic in the lines of goodwill,

Again there is a life made real,

It is not in the choice we live,

Life is an admiration for whom we have kept with lifetime,

If you ever need challenges unknown,

Look your changes as they are,

If you ever lead changes unparted,

Look our challenges are as they were,

There is a challenge life cant be undone,

It is inside the compromise that is kept,

You need to make this life with what you are left,

Everyday this has been your challenge,

When people part your days,

All that went is your memories,

The old man and all that he has given you,

It is this lifetime where there is a story for you,

Yet you need to face this with silence with all he has given,

This has a message,

You are gifted with this person,

He has only been away for this time,

The young days will be back,

Those life kept aside has given you this promise,

If your thought just give away some compromise,

Nothing ever told is scarce what has happened,

You need to recollect everything now as it has been,

There is no shore like the next chance God has gifted you,

It is your life you are lead by His grants,

You are not the maker of the fountain of fate,

But inside you there is a fear,

The fear that the stranger has embodied your presence here,

If you are remains that left untold,

You are the roots of this changing challenges ahead,

You are not one alone in this path lived,

Every root needs some thanksgiving birth,

In this they lived so far,

Here you have been so home with life,

This is the day far away from the rest,

Inside them are thoughts that rest with time,

Even as they live,

You are kept with the lines of HIS life,

There is a happiness you share with HIM,

All those are not lost,

It is how much you are remembered in this life,

Life has a precious stone,

Here you water from the tomb,

They leave a message everyday,

This much has never been another day,

You need changes with what you have met,

There is a day nothing ever to be noted again,

This is the message generations have left,

You cant be parted away in this tide,

But I feel there is a unique choice I can make,

For everything from HIS grace ever gifted,

The rare spoken text remains unrooted,

The life giveaway those symbols,

Let us not remain as we have been,

Let us secure HIS blessing in this life ahead,

All that the man has lived for,

And all that HIS leaves will weave across the time ahead,

Let us just not be part with what we have,

Yet keep the gift of those blessing wherever we are alive,

The choice this life stand with my precious gift,

I dont know how this is granted,

I dont know if this is away,

But I know there is message for my rest of the heart with HIS grace,

All that the man lived for his precious gift may not end,

Let God has kept this choice always besides this man and his blessings,

I always fear there is someone life cant be taken granted,

Nor this life is ahead,

But already there is a reassurance for HIS blessing not away,

But beside the candle light of the oil burning away,

In rush hour let us not burn this away,

But in the jungle book of time,

All that ever lived with us cannot be parted,

And this is the message behind my note.

© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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