This much I can never forget along

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a true dialets of the supreme person of my life. Humble as true human family would stand on United Nation Day. I assure a priceless endovement as it is published in lines of highest graceful honor I am commited to cherish the real truth that the spirit of any time, space and love can hearten an enlightened spirit in this sundials of history. This is a living gesture of sacrifices and affection of a father to his son in his words. :)

I have always never opened up my heart this much

My most illuminating vision, my son

I came along and showed you the sea shore

You choose to be pebbles down the mines of time

My hearts with the deepest of my fortunes guided you along

Souls that stood beside me heard the story of this true dialects

Until then you came home lost, I was with your side beside

Some say my sun is about to set

My son dont be lost

This world is a dangerous place

Dont dare expose your exploits

Your late grandfather said you are born great,

Your days wont wander in darkness,

You see light in their goodwill

Your search call along in this drive,
You are not alone

I know how much you do love me

To you I am your dad

I know when you slept beside you crying

Your hearts opened up awake before HIM

For me you will never miss another day

When there are day reside in my life

I embed the pain you were brought up

My generation is dying

I have lost a lot of contacts in time

I am still the same for you always

When you weep I stay in the fire always asleep

For the rest came with the care in your smile

When I am afraid of your future

No one cares where when you go after

Simplicity won your heart

Relatives plumped over me always

People crowded over for wealth

When ever they wanted more and a lot

I safeguarded for you this family treasure

I shielded with the delight in your smile

You happen to see this when you grow

Still I am battered for your well being alike

Life never repeat episodes and I am growing older

I have seen a life courages to stand by you

A sacrifice dearest for my heart's loved ones sake

I wish from the trinity your harvest may spring

And your true hearts wish be dearest in Almighty's graceful blessing.

God Does May Open Your Well Being At Your Hearts Shore


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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