Thought Of A Seed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a dialect so like living story from birth of time. We have always made this so loving to be cherished. Let us bud those stepping stone. :)

Once life lived within hidden doors of a seed,

For one reason many forms evolved from this creation,

It is said greatest teacher the world has ever seen is our planter behind this space,

Chemistry surrounded our home crafted new fruits of His plan,

Danced around this arena were roots of changing festivities,

One day a cage opened for our bird unknown in this story,

Lots of visitor wrote about its silence as history passed on beyond time,

As time matured so did many lifes occassions crowded this cage,

Little did this bird knew how unknown artists painted ceremony of its vision,

Yesterday they used to tell many new tales like a dream page,

And this bird never lost captioned everything around its naked branch,

As time changed so did every artists who made its birth,

Joining hands person within this birds shaped its existence so made new always,

As our bird crawl across this cage many variety of one voice within answered its call,

Now this bird anxiously started looking around its form,

How little did I been for remains I am caged here?

This coming of life pursued working all its strength for breaking this cage,

Now the cage scripted more like a transparent ether you are witnessing,

It might be the darkest day for our bird,

Yet days into the world of light caught all its story in no other time life began gifts for a whole moment in time,

As this bird broke away its cage,

There was a relationship of language our bird inherited,

It didnt swallowed up entire life yet this cage seem stronger than the fiercest animal,

The greatest spin in time weaved life around them as our bird is the new cage of one person within,

Some companion in its insight given for emotions combed our story,

Soon everything good or bad became its part of life,

And our bird made all their struggle to exist,

Feeling back in those cages where in long-time noticed caught like growing up in our deepest spell,

One day again angels came like a postcard,

Do you like them? asked angels,

Who are you? spoke our bird,

You are visitors who must shape new buds in those dreaming seeds around, I am angels who made your experience wherever...

Today our bird was gifted in a settlement that each one of interesting characters took shape,

Yet if voice within this made in living home,

Havent created a cage for all illustrations,

No where in time ever needed you as a bird within,

So speechless is faith needed you for all emerging crafts,

May our carpenter endow all creation in this delight,

For granted in this life is our dearest possession we love capturing every making in our lifetime,

Let us work this out for Gods plan so made true... :)

Submitted: November 17, 2015

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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