Top ten security contribution for QuickHeal on 2017

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I always loved to contribute a genuine framework for all online users who can see the future of cyber security defense one step ahead. May you appreciate this feedback. :)

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



In this notebook I am revealing some dictation I love QuickHeal must be the best security product for our future. I have devoted 20 minutes for this coursework. If you like this you may contact me for the best time we can make this happen real time. I have only invested your policy of reporting to be open anywhere. This is my strength as it will make the internet a safer place for all. My weakness is I am looking forward to join your team if time permits. Please let me know if I need to communicate any details ahead.

1. No one expect QuickHeal must be the source of my entire online history. I dont want my ISP to police those events as they will later sell my experience with credentials for a price I dont want let this happen. This is a breach of conduct. Any such endpoint solution must be a light-weight element of keeping my browsing anti-tracked with my orginal IP address and enable this revelant gateway exceptionaly for no unprivileged access but all these normal operation of such digital sandbox security for their proprietary network require implementation consideration. I can choose if I always need a static anti-censored ipaddress always so stable without imposed limits or a dynamic ipaddress that matches implementation not failing during any ecommerce transaction. How will you resolve this suggestion within our existing system capacity?
When we think implementing a cyber defense mechanism that has one central monitoring system always sending my activity tracks for analysis and also correlate an extended integration anywhere I suggest such scrutiny overwatch all our activity for an detecting proprietary nature of the future of internet. Today acting on behalf of such personal cloud for any such signature-less agent must find the nastiest input for keeping online surfing safe. If we try to implement a backbone of all traffic that is generated for inbound or outbound packets, can quickheal encrypt every session at the host end (my pc single port) and equivalent decryption at the quickheal cloud web server which will stimulate all activities monitoring before any data is given for my pc analysis like a virtual server that inject real time efficiency without the cost of any uncensored redirection in turn allowing not only making all users who use my workplace an anonymous entity for the surveilance ? In this simple concept I also like moral cyber vigiliance if they are ready to pay me for what I view in my online experience everyday. Being having a secure environment must not compromise my privacy unattended. This is why I want to use quickheal in future.

2. Optimization of services must happen for the concept of profile and their relative system accounts. When I click any application on my desktop there must be a popup window at the first time unless I make it according to the auto rule whatever the system intelligently can forsee. Here the window must show the following items. Firsly it can have the parameter like whether I want alert for the following applications that shows allowing traffic, blocking traffic that applies to intranet or lan or internet, adding to this a default notification that sense the ip address and other details through prompt each time notifying me about the safety index while I use the following version of the application. Secondly there must be a session alert that checks whether to do many things that makes everything like all means of hacking and countermeasures that is possible for this particular application and it will be updated always real time relative to the cloud communities antimalware analysis themes. Also session alert does has a custom area where we can make the application run through sandboxie or having a mechanism that gives the status if there happens anything what I do went wrong while I generate sufficient way to restore the rules associated during updations. This caption of optimization gives a parallel drive in the virtual memory that all happens really consuming least resources. As I try to generate profile which can be given a name or as same as any associated system accounts, I can list whether I need to categorically mention it for looking up for new versions that can be shedulded for regular updations at the boot time without crucifying time to startup or even when no activity on the background processes is entertained. May be we can also list that this application must run as I put system to sleep or hibernate a concept that can I say that all automechanisms I do will be intelligently replicated and I will be notified over cloud devices if any reason I should attend my workplace immediately for new changes. Secondly when it comes for optimization each time ram must be fetched to drain out the cache that can be generated on the disk space or cloud environment allowing my system never run short of resources. Helping a venture that always there is no threat for stability. If someone tries to intrude and my system allows unnaturally how will I stop this before anything is undone? For each profile associated with many accounts there must be a intelligence in monitoring which mac address can be allowed and ipaddress can be logged for a generating more changes whenever there is a change for redirection it must happen only if the handshake by the host (my pc) and cloud server is undone without lossing hashes for compromises. The handshake once happened will be revalidated unless new input stream is given by the user undone until there is a time the user has reauthenticated entire connection with a single click and the suspected demanded online privacy certificate authority has revalidated that whatever remains as a single hash texture defense only may be stimulated once there is a network breach for everything that can happen very become my test case. This is the third notification in the log that will be intelligently analysed for the recourse when I like to be notified who has the ownership of all the content I am reserving for a system security negotiation. My fourth criteria will be a cloud ant-hack lock that permits all updations in my system and even windows update happen concurrently when all services as idle as I want quickheal to run my system 99% free of resources it consume daily. If we can implement a code-signing key from each application developer who will allow no restriction in updation yet if failure occur there will be an automatic generation of a remote agents installation that happen in the sandboxie environment quickheal generated also giving the user choose if this installation need to be saved some area where the user trust, it must be rolled for the convenience of the local system for an automatic reverse installation that happens reverse in time again. A cloud anti-lock is a simple mechanism that stops the executable file codes to alter any suspectable change which is noticed. Again as more applications are added for its relevant settings they must be under suitable lables with different color schemas that solves each of the bugs need to be fixed. Fifth optimization must happen without sending anything otherthan a simple database file for inspection how will the future of all new changes reflect in a real time setting and must be graded whether we need to test the scenario how it usually will happen so that it is easy to restore for the earlier session. Like any trial software that can be rolled back for the previous version if I dont like its safety for my settings if I dont want it. Till now I want this feature to be associated with a simple popup window through a single click.

3. There must be a notification tab associated with every status report quickheal has access from the world of cyber security defense for the awareness of the user. Many skins with personalized language preferences must be activated. May be it must be made possible to hide any related changes even icon associated with any profile or its relative account. When I start making any change it must happen through a wizard that specializes all this settings with content features. Each time I like to feature a special article and how I access there must be a mechanism to make my identity foolproof through associating with intelligent scan that make a time I use my system with best features I will identify as my roleback time. Such intelligent scan associate every seasonal activity creating the whole environment safe and optimised through a single click. All apps must be scanned with their respective security licenses provided in their worldwide ranking suggesting me also alternatives if I want to be viewed. Keystrokes must start with sound scan features. No threat that is ever reported shall not erase my online activity even if the entire service crashes during a change I must be connected through the browser window for rectifying any failure concurrently even a normal user is not be able to know more details than a single click. What works wont be a safeguard when it comes reinventing each user single click in the way he like to drop and drag it to this single window restructing a personal design always. May be users like to avoid being affected with back-end processes that stops their order of fixing any issue with a terminal endpoint agent who is always visible for keeping this entry into the latest gaps that refills our security auditing regularly and often as the world changes to the future of internet. I want to experience this even if I lost my system as all will be there in my personal cloud where I keep this credential with quickheal status features.

4. How will quickheal figure out the user without the need to manually changing the profile even we have a secret code that binds us mathematical figure of our workroom? In this reading wall I want this suggestion from the agent who runs my service. If the services I do perform a checkup other than my usual activity there must be a prompt that feature a check always will happen. May be this is only a simple choice when biometrics is a simple failure where people test their identity.

5. Every user need to be given a way they can scan any device anywhere with quickheal. May be this credential will be done as I can login online to quickheal website and associate those user devices that has a problem since at that time I may be away from my pc. I can also download required certificates that enable my device vulnerability for the unpatched applications will also be stimulated in a screen that can run it autofunctionally and solve any issue like a novice user. Sometime my profile has its root favorites that help me for all this undisclosed here. May be future belongs wherever I can be with anydevice which works like my line of personal communication well-tailored and happen at real time for new features to be integrated how I use this essentiality.

6. My credit card access must be governed for use unless the validity of its security is well tailored so that the banker knows I am the right person who will be using this saving from transparent information anyone can access but only I will be the winning entity to benefit all credential. If someone break into my bank account the possibility of a theft is restored as quickheal is my safety loyal artificial agent for giving the information for certificate authority that I am the user who will be at their place for a genuine transaction. My devices may be lost yet quickheal is my backbone for a source above all frameworks ever existed on this planet.

7. No details need to be wiped from any source of usage. People like this service as their local service gadget. I authenticate any service virtually in a transparent system where solution for all the cause will be totally a living communication of genuinity. May be I need to validate a virtual service beyond installing its certificate that secure my secure platform from being lost as any device can be hacked in a time we see this transformation begining like a live event. Tomorrow I can automate a wisdom in an activity that translate my lignuistics as a tool of online protection. I love to disclose this like my employed behavior analysis engine I want to make QuickHeal for the prime priority.

8. A security that transforms my real time personal computer into my own daily interceptable features while managing my files in the secure cloud. When I am anywhere it must respond to the particular location. I store no credential anywhere but a digital mindmap will determine the sequence of all such responses. Any file I like to add here will be validated by my genuine license or it will be local to the device. I enjoy all the convenience for what I paid for. An expanding digital help that I dont lose anything unless my identity is inherited again for a heritage no one will forget. This is what I mean by story teller of a distinct future of the internet.

9. A network scan must validate my location before any service can be generated so that if a laptop is reported stolen it can be first tracked through google map and alerted as it is exploited. My PC can be locked anywhere if I logon to the online website. Parental control details must be mentioned in any device I try to deploy QuickHeal agent. Always the best analysis should be my device is clean and secure for the next future where we are heading.

10. Every teritory has their own special ingredient. My profile can be associated whether I need to bring any device enabling those secure measures. Sometimes this must fool the denial of service through the access gateway so that my accessable bookmark leaves no harm without passwords. Any suspicious link that I click will be first revealed by this policy that blocks malicious content on the internet that act or respond quickly for attack. I have given this last note as I will be alerted in our community and also prevent this disaster for my family.

Lastly QuickHeal need to be intelligent in many ways I need some more time with your team. This treasure is not our weakness by the human question for the best security we always develop before unseen by any. Thanks for your time.

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