Unforgettable Vishu 2016

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Let this love of Almighty forever bless this thanksgiving spirit of our days ahead. Happy Vishu 2016. :)

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



Near any home may this special message humble our happiness before God,

In HIS feet this entire universe greet living spirit of all forms,

Remaking this Vishu I owe countless harmony for this timeless hope,

Away from the heaven when our God came like a visitor uninivited in this arena,

Like guarding a riddle one illusionist in this cottage undo every clay portrait imitating every pedestrian in an old epic,

Here this Good Samaritan hides its beholder in an archery like one moonlight entice our ageless lantern before sunrise,

I didnt notice this rebirth of our times yet this Vishu is beyond its meaning,

When everyone surprised about how may God leave something more than any wealth,

Before even the time caught this ornament God founded on our Earth,

There was nothing I could offer before a God who owned everything,

If this is one day I never witnessed before my creation unknown how I can resemble our times,

This bird who reborn from a time spoke of this day will be never again like my entire life,

Yet I wanted to be observed by this chariot like a togetherness beloved by a tender heart recollecting memories of ages ahead,

Situated in this nest unsure of scrutinity I never said any word,

Behind this monumental lamp I only prayed for one benevolence may emaciate respect for all this blessing,

My maker only can behold this insistence of a truth in innocence,

I only exist acting some evidence for a creation resolving HIS costume in every life,

Yet every trick this birth mediate only mature its fruits on this Earth,

God came before this mask behind one night-gown that surrounded my sight,

Unbecoming any passing thought locked my chronicle of our times,

This stillness of any birth may ornate endurable wall in this simple painting from the hands of one colourist,

Sometimes lading love kills every animal who seeks such a birth in its stillness,

Time stripped cartoons leaping lambent joy from the left away sack cloth,

Ultimately this world only could scatter everything for one seeker fainted in this thought,

Finally one track of my mind scattered this painting combing its character,

If any quantum of this diversity may be its performer like an artist carefully completing HIS work,

I tender this blanket for compassion lenient before my birth playing around HIS farmhouse only substituting this granary as my home,

This wall barely caught a wildfire loving kindness in this cartoon card for a long time that went lapse wearing this old hat,

Finally I handed this caricature as my offering if I came back before you in this time again,

God became so much interested as my first birth only spent in this time knowing all HIS creation,

Yet like a water pot lying near this ocean God collected some artifice of this magnet and gave me this Vishu in our times,

I forgot everything unite in HIS mercy for this simple life,

Once more I recollect this thanksgiving prayer pledging why this cure may give us new undisclosed mergence of Gods love for this creation,

Yet I feel there is a time aside for this mind never unwittingly condensed for HIS promise,

I hope the message of Vishu in our times may account for this blessing for all here... :)

Happy Vishu Greetings For You!!!

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