UNICEF Day 2013

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Today we immortalize this day like one step in the history of UNICEF. I have pictured this in simple human language. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If you understand striving wish of every new born,

Under our umbrella for a universe where every spirit see sunrise,

We the makers of this destiny shine in their eyes,

We devote so much care unknown in our words,

This is a tribute fallen in the steps of the mighty ever exist yet unknown,

If God can check our spirit in a united soul,

When every advocate for a human cause get this message,

For Children born into our world are not lost in the art of darkness,

With key hidden nourishment of this barrier can overcome any threat,

In times of any difficulty we need a future for all,

This day comes for a commitment ahead of a generation,

For every child who deserve their right for survival & thrive into adulthood,

Our shining days cannot form the remake of tomorrow without them,

They are not our masters but every new gift for a dream birth,

In the shallow waters of Earth's valley,

There is a dream made so unique as pure as checkmark on human soul,

In our fight to light this candle in the heaven where we live,

For our endurance never fail steps of time,

God hold this gift of any landmark never melting their potential,

If we cannot protect them from conflict in an already divided world,

For every fundamental right written in the pages of the law of our hand,

Hold a promise for uncounted participation where they realise their equality & protection,

In risky conflict regions of our world this daylight gives you an opportunity for better world to children in need,

Their world deliver an universe of productive global citizens,

In every undone role to stop a changing climate,

Your contribution is building a better world for the children of our world,

In every beginning that exist can we round a focus for their support,

We have come so far in making a tribute where history stands a test,

For every child in the hands of unforeseen inalienable human right,

We hold in their new hearts something above hope may cherish yet every people from every culture see a commitment no home can play,

In this small leap of their sustenance for protection from abuse and its exploitation,

A voice is heard in every opinion that counts,

This day stand in the toll of their sustainable nourishment,

Every vaccine our medical care can provide,

May see the biggest picture of a day delightful for central creating world peace in all pairs of their smiling faces,

Today we join what united us for this cause,

If words gives thanksgiving advent for a new beginning in this choice your life can offer,

More than a silence in the fight where we are all one,

Giving one review of a surprise where you make this for those neighbourhood words which you cannot think what to say,

For we can gratefully commit where you are not there,

Today this gift of thanks for what God has given us,

Our inspiration for this unconditional love is this cause for a gift we honour your promise,

Take this to heart when life is the only gift unreachable in any shadow,

To a day till no appeal we can make a place like home for all children in emergency,

Their care from exploitation is the cause we stand for,

In human soil we provide them good food & water free from poverty,

A hour always with best health care,

Where we spend every cent for education,

This is a mission we pay respect for their opportunity with guidance,

Our mentors say this is a role no one can play,

Yet we strongly believe we have a better world for everyone with your commitment,

The day when our appeal donate living care, thriving relief and sustainable global condition for every child is not so far,

For a human endurance we take this role by word and action in our heart like a vision with a life,

We call this UNICEF.

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