Village Without Any Water 2016

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Here I absorb your action for readdressing this terrible situation. Let us act now itself. :)

Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



As time leave behind something unknown in existence,

Every day we weave this shore for our bread and butter,

As we set out our journey from this truth,

If moderate rainfall celebrate this monsoon from heaven above,

Like one rosary awaiting a prayer on the naturalism of this soil below,

If time endear this affinity from the heart of every seeker I am inspired timelessly,

Their days wheedle an enlightment like an unseen artist dance around one conversation with the dark clouds,

Here this civilization of our bread maker admire an attainment irrepressible joy as the rain drops fall from sky above,

Childrens of this plenteous village rebirth a dancer who play like one nightingale singing its early folk tale,

If any gracious navigator witness this day dream of every farmer of our global village,

Outlying this deparved dialect today even our soul cannot build a sanctuary in a kingdom avoiding this outspoken reality,

Why mercilessly punish kindhearted thirst for a drop of water from the drying river source ?

Unfailing any self-seeker our farmers cuddle this summer where the trapdoor may even redoubt the weatherman,

When we build our metropolis robbing them for their basic lifeline of existence,

Why tumbledown our eagerness wearing embarrassment building renisance only in many false unfilled promises?

If we can do something endurable saving may very drop of precious water without neglecting who needs this most,

Let our drinking water wagon reach farest villages securing everyones birth right,

More we plant new trees around our home is an unforgettable scheme,

One day way ahead when we include this monumental journey for our native village back home,

Tomorrow our fight starts building green energy that power stillness in the birth of new water resource everywhere,

May the dynasty of our tribe spark untouched voice for this handwriting in the possession of all kings who lived here,

This temple where poorest of poor who toil this shiftness of a hour lived in faith that the clouds may sparkle some water on their famine,

May this tyranny of any God ever lived emaciate any fate from this land where no sorrow be its settlement,

Yet the deepest wish that days of good fortune may come is their earnest need of this life ever lived,

As heat wave rises irretrievable into this living hour every thought reclaim needed benefits in our actions,

Here I tender one sacred heart may listen this prayer,

This translation in human words is the real endurance of any test I may witness in real life,

Yet I feel our blind belief that everything happens for good is my deepest trust in God,

I may be sincere by the truth how this naration of a time we face is so real in this life,

However our Shepherd will always come with surprises,

For any observance let life be its budding dream in my life again,

When I love this spirit for every thanksgiving in human portrait natured in real live blessings,

I hope this tale of self-sacrifice in our global village may mould a new day so pure in the love of Almighty ever radiant in true human self ... :)

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