Warning You Challenged Devil

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Graded as presence you may make in this volume and the titles lots would endure in seeking makeup with every cost covered for a price. This is the signal layout in time and its measure. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



In this enlightened season when deadline has reached, you came face to face with the Devil. Changing the wave of time and tide, the devil sang a song. You know that He cares for none. He has always deluded no mercy a day ahead for another battle. Can a season go back ?, was the reason why lives biggest harvest angels have made the promised land in this uniqueness of each subject. Here none know which is the deadline. So many compromises were made for the journey never made through so easily. Yet He who made the dead rise needed more. Now He has multiplicity in terms of resources and his army was getting larger beyond grounds. Sometimes life just says we have payment made in terms of life death and life. There might be some tribunal that counts this corner where the Devil speak his words sublimely and gently. In terms of the rise and fall of the mighty there leads a new way in the midst. A priest was listening and visualizing what governance stimulated peace and waved the signal of a dream when human race will reach the full corner and threshold making this destiny. In the harshest season the priest met the Devil and asked him, what do you need? Do you have any request in making the beauty of your world come true? Devil didn't understood what the pages of the priest made by beauty. He just told, I have studied under the same guru and i know every class that was taken. Let me try to come up with the same story made in time and space. Does anyone know the meaning of love? asked the priest. The Devil told, I don't want this war from with this person or how will he face the world by himself? As those who would know just simple trust that we make in destiny unwrap wants, needs and desire less we knew world around in a simple place. God created uniqueness in all his forms. One channel that would make this logical would be making simple life get go with these means.

Warning there is a place where battles are fought and won. Everyone who bears this truth try unbeaten grounds peculiar in making simple events come true. Here when you warn and challenge Devil from the day one step outside your home. All you learn are the part of doing something with your resource you hang up. Some words would spring up when you read these themes below:

Warning you challenged the Devil
When the deadline has come
He who cares for none
Sleeping & stepping beauty beneath
Yet you may find doors
Deadline puzzling your mind
A day ahead in the ditch
No one been so far in these times
Changing waves of time & tide sang
In the midst of the talk
Quickly you need is a Choice
Can you mind wash the devil?
Do you have to sublime life biggest harvest?
Can a season go back?
Yet you step ahead Devil behind
Recently you never been here
A match scheduled and coins drawn

Devil steps and fall two behind
You match make this scheduled
He who never come back in this time & space yield
So beneath the footholds of this cherished time
A debatable issue how true knowledge would evolve
Voluminous Vice & View Time Stand Stills


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