What can you do to shape the city of your dreams?

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Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



What can you do to shape the city of your dreams?

Weaving out a trillion dreams in a dream city and nourishing a better place of workmanship will be in my best efforts to carve out the reality to be in a city of my dreams. It starts from the pillars of ecosystem and buildings binding its value. Our resorted means has to be disinvested to meet the infra funding of the modern corridor towards every road to the a better place of prosperity for all. This starts right with one day effort and panel of letting out the better picture of dreams living from the street dwellers and empowering them to participate in emcompassing the instrument of harmony. We can do towards the better place of this effort.

Everyday in bangalore I see on my roadways a mother and arms with a child begging to feed her little one in the middle of the street. From my hearts of hearts I wanna give her some resources that this infant will be fed and she has more resort in nourishing these kids. I dont know whether she is being motivated by an agency but least I can understand the economics of poverty and where will hunger reach out of corridors for this helpless women and her tender heart. In my city of dreams I will empower every organization whether it be religious, non-profit or business enterprise to keep ahead in building the milestone what can put forth the social responsibilty to be captiable in all forms to build up a milestone. When religious organization can shape their perfection of the worship and may proclaim that bread alone is fittest for surival there is the word and today my approach will be cardinal and glory to the word and also eventually treat that the word is made for humans. Human empowerment can be made perfect only if every cause can be understood. I had some money in my hands and I wanted to pay that women her kindness for that young born and I couldnt pay because it doesnt been motivated to be effective today and I wanted that mother to understand myself when the true nature I am spending even for sometimes to satisfy my fundings is not what I am earning. I can understand that if I want to do something for that little kids I should do it today but I can understand that I should not be a pupet before the society. If I have to practice out of feeling to build up a city of my dreams I can asset my fortunes in hope and perseverance till the end that it is realistic and whatever I have been doing to realise this dream should start from a iron chest to check out what is beating inside to flush out better practices towards the logic of effectiveness and efficiency starting from my dreams help possibily only by helping out today. On the second day when I really felt bad while travelling in an auto I took an one ruppee coin and wanted to give it to that lady but I could notice that she had lost track of people in that traffic mess and couldnt notice anyone. This is not only one incidence. There are lot of people who are wandering in my city without homes. There are people who are dying of freezing cold temperature and being burried in the ice because they have no home. In daravi, mumbai city, the largest slum in the world the people and politicians doesnt have means to the know how of how it could be transformed into urban dreams and every time anyone comes to power and are they diverting issues within measures of welfare to the equality and sharing the little girls burden to pay Rs. 100 for vegetable oil to cook. We see that development starts and end with no backbone even to complete into results. We have the best innovators and today it is upto the world to do their best out of their godliness. Development from all areas are a star and we have to share the earnest need of our own generation without which who the future generation can live with. Poverty or its cause has always been evil. Today our young generation has wide access of knowledge let us make it a safer place towards framing the best practises viably and interestingly. There can be no development without making some policies. And the forum of politics has a larger role to play because our leaders know to run an economy with bigger picture of making tender unlimited wants and limited resources.

I want to see another side of the story. We are by means and equation in puzzles and how vibrant it can captivate the finance of building up trust. This trust in words are meaningful between countries if we have enough knowledge managment programs right from the base levels and our measure of base level is this dream city. We have concerns and that would be appreciated in peaceful strikes. I want to have a big city where dreams are made into real goal of human nature. This suspectiably is learning towards glorious past and  sharing experience with enemy. My city has a dream of better governance and priceless banner of the virtue why it is a valuable city of my dreams.

My city needs energy and that too from renewable resources. It has to adhere towards meeting the needs of the march towards freedom from its borders and borderlessly realising the measure of why it is guest who will be served a splendid reasons to believe ahead. I hope that my city will devote to organic farming and create value that could curve out disbelief that what cannot be harvested can only be made powerful for the people to engage with true realism of where this is a city which stands ahead from the rest.
Today I can reassure what world bank and other international financial institution has made possible through a collective participation of why it stands for the less priveladged and developing third world nation. It has been mentors of real framework of modern age. There is a time in history where the truth come in hand for my home state Kerala. Right from funding for any bigger ventures your particpation in emerging global trends to bring forth the real side of the story and its manpower made realised in the hands of few who could just those realities. In my city I will make everyone full right for personal privacy and freedom of expression in all fronts. We dont need barriers and we need time to understand why exactly our institutions are made for. How they must divest whatever can be applicable in time and space towards in all real moves would be made into the standards of eliminating communication barriers.

There is another side of the world where the land full of deserts and the old farmer ploughing out of the deprivation to survive. I dont say that they should not do the work they are intented to. I would want the administrators to earn them the package not waiting till there will be reported farmer suicides. Where humans and intelligent systems have achieved the maximum perfection in working under any conditions we need to harvest the best solution to the inch of human perfection. Why cant we build more of the infrastructure to meet the required and giving the rural economy a boost. When I used to listen to innovators in Dordarshan when I was a kid I often accomplished my thoughts to focus why we are here. Tomorrow the ground resources are viable to capsulate the great dream foundation and the history of why I was basically motivated to pursue my MBA program in The Indian Institute of Planning and Management and why we are made to realise the city of my dreams taking and breathing the every move we have understood. Our heritage is this world and its inhabitants where we must remember why we are made for. I want to speak out and go forward to realise a borderless world both ootside in our lives and inside to have a best picture in this manual. Perfection one element of human gesture can be seen in my dream city. Everyone will have the access to medical insurance and provided the general basic treatment for any cause free of cost according to their basic source of revenues and income.

Let my city have wireless connectivity and made ethically use those fraction for geniune reasons we can affort. Among the competitive world I dont want to find it anywhere there will be unbaised media to limit and enhance coverage effectively. We cannot be able to discover why every child is born to win. I want my city to be neat and tidy with effective, efficient and ecofriendly waste disposal and sewage treatment plants even for manufacturing industries and cooperate them to find funds in upbringing why they should not cause polution. There should be standards of tolerating the pollution from vehicles and when govt and private institution  can cooperate with industries to build up more ecofriendliness in making this initiative to a reachable goals. Everyone has dreams of making priceless mechanism to be in force and where at an individual roles I happened that it wont be practical why this was a long dreams always wished to be acceptable for consideration. There is lots of corruption in every ongoing global establishment. It must not be seen from a personal perspective because today in my dream city I want this to be made practicable for the reach of every networked environment. I happened to realise when we become aware of the cause we are the jury who will have to promote and proclaim the verdict of peace. In a national level I stand for the nation I could be there to believe the truth and head a better panel towards the infinite possibility of making the bridge between nations to the world. And for every city needs the city of a smaller globe and innovative worship for the bigger part of life.

I am a student in the art of life and my dream city will make every dream towards the best reason why we have invested time towards its lines of reformation. I shall state that the words are reasons why there is a special child in every one of us and every child is truly precious. My city would start from family and each home would be the binding force. If we can spend our rest of the time in making a dream true for reshaping the destiny and giving its name history that would be my city. Today we have a dream and those ideas will be innovators to build a wiser scenario forever. It will be a miracle for the trust of every young dreams woven in the windings of hearts and those young generation will make the step to learn from managing, acquiring and translation of the knowledge we are making in the picture of life. We have seen barriers of having a tight secure law enforcement made to attain the simplicity of the cause aware. And I would say they will have to be more equipped with the latest devices and maintain the journey to cultivate beyond history for reasons. Water the support system of life of universe and can we not fade it into its resources limitation and harnessing its potential of making it more attainable as safe for use. I will build up my city to conserve, preserve and prevent damages to this valuable natural resources.

There are lot of bright teachers who have helped me assist my journey till now and always will, I want to let them have in their old ages to continue in their age through transforming their study room to a resourceful e-learning platform. It has always been seen that medical practioners in Govt. Hospitals has to be left out of no role in their best times of career and it could be remarkable if they are able to let their corners of life invested more productively in being driven for the benefit of a larger society and they continue towards advisory roles in govt administration. My city administration heirarcy would be knowledgable motivated people who knows to play politics for why its meant for. About the hospitals, there are lots of efforts needed to continuously ugrade facilities and basic infrastructure and most importantly there is free rice for the poor patients and if possible free treatment. My concept of poor people would be both on their means of sources of revenue and income. There is another area where we can vitalise poor and would be without proper knowledge or accidentally or driven by mental coherance to understand. We can provide guidence and in the state of better segments guard on course why they are also the part and parcel of the better status of this small globe.

I would have an interest of the spirit of sports and would have the people of all ages to align totality mobilizing their efforts for a spirited health. I would love entertainment to mature on the global scenario and entertain participants from all across the world to be a part of the brighter picture and why we stand for as a globally made better place to be. From schools to colleges we are going to hunt our talents for brighter picture and make it bigger for the world. We from the makers of mentors would question the message broadcasted to all levels and involve corporate world collective participation from the grassroot. Our banking mechanism would not tolerate discrimination towards lower income group and boost its infrastructure by mobilising the whole of economy. In my city online will be a safer place to captivate both business and learning of understanding from the best records. 

I would always love participation to make my city a greener and safer place to be. We would take more initiative to plant more trees. Water it day by day and believe it been those buds of the seed that just wanna sprout words into reality. I would have a better treatment towards animals as we need more forests and landscape and more greenery. I would initiate that our heritage has been for endrossing the need why it cant find no more renovation unless we want it to be for the future generation.

I would invite all people of this priceless city cooperatively resume improving feedback to the deepest of the soul and have been for the better segment to market wider for global advantage.

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