What limits cant melt the iceberg during recession?

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Imagine someone who bought the Ferrari of a Monk who heard those who advocate a pedestrian matches judgment. One true day the Monk was happy to hear that this gift he had has won the formula one race. You had written to this person that lot it takes a heart to give this young talented able person forever a true possession for a life time achievement you have made. The Monk sends you a message, this time don't forget to come back to our old age home and visit your parents. Unheard within the daylight years had passed when you realize a way of your life has changed and you couldn't be so little anywhere from now. Remember these words when you read the rest. God Bless You And Your Loved Ones. Take care. :)

I measure this piece of work in 10 words:-
Anyone who studies history would underline the war and its aftereffects. Say per vision of human endeavor, would this be the real words spoken in the class of few who are born rethink distinctly the meaning of sacrifices.
There were three solider who made the journey stay ahead from the rest once. It was the time of third world war. Financial recession took place; the battle merged for the wealth its control over another’s oil, took them one far that the limits of iceberg rewrite in human language a new script.
And it goes like this:
“The Formula One racing car was one step about to start. You were in the hot seat. The world was watching and you stood in the hot seat in the eye of every beholder. Right at the moment three strangers who never came back met in the coffee shop nearby. They left behind a message under the table and nobody noticed this. You were the back after many years in this cafeteria. Nobody would have guessed you could have noticed the secret of a barcode laid by those royal guards. Your child took this away and was at that home with you, visited the monks who once send you a Ferrari from one distant land for your help. He asked, “Father, there could be series of information, help, guidance and gratefulness I seek to live up to one expectation you have founded in this battlefield. I do so because as a young person you have never asked much and I assume this significance now. Even today I am fragile and your presence makes me strong. I would like to put one step ahead in this journey at least for one person more important than myself. Kindly bless me ahead.” Simplicity from the true hearts won many lives. It was around the midnight and you send all you’re saving for helping your child, he came back after a time.
The guardians of the council asked the three soldiers what did you associate in these young lives. The senior royal guard greeted the words that could be limitless in few measures:-
“After the race was over, we saw someone who never said we have this dream in one heart alone. He was very young at that time and we didn’t want him to be battered. We didn’t had any choice left and we just asked him one question if he also was like others who weaved crimes after the oil, where do you willingly make this piece of glass? He told us, “I would like to willingly make this piece of glass as my eye lens in my daily life.” Why? “This is an inherited possession I would like to harvest, share, invest and one day gives back to society.” That is why we left this barcode in those hands.”

The young child’s wish made his Dad win Formula One race. The monk got check of $1million for the old age home. They brought their grandmother back home. The streets of a lifetime had opened the shore for everyone to live happily.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Wow, I had to read it like three times and I'm still not sure I completely understood. (Call me slow if you must.)
But I definitely sense something almost... biblical, I guess in these words.
Great job!!!

Sat, September 12th, 2009 7:43pm


Hey Jesyka, you guess meets something new. This reading was taken from the scenario that somehow it has to be reworked what really went into burst when great empires were laid to rest and some of our leaders went into hideouts. I was analyzing does these leaders whose passion, pain and past were made to build the remarkable work flow of a social order and community development are charged of treason. Is this almost completely understood by many? Or, does these have sidelines of their management? Well we can say as the media often call it stand for as critics of this script in least domains often laid by few? Just imagine how wars made never lost significance anyhow and those like us could not be blamed for. Jesyka, if you would say you imagine like decisions are never made for one person alone by few and least climb the significance why life never could be bridged into the next step known for remarkable admiration in the next step for a new day in times. Just imagine what went through history when you see that no one can meet scare resources unless we learn to integrate the steps of these learning of living and yearnings of living. :)

Sun, September 13th, 2009 5:23am

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