What made Valentine?

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A few years ahead where one assumes a track to change its complements. This is all about your changing life.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Deep down the cellars that human being viewed the world through an open window towards a better world. His words often were of diverse meaning and anxiously he was through the crap story of leaning down the mission. When someone wanna just conquer his feelings the wounds of the pastline often would wind up waiting. This person never thought much about those facts. He and other saints live in an open heart towards the cause they identified to make the destiny of others. In the moonlight that he could see there was a fixation of impressions that made him think and act miserably. Today the remake of those feelings are born to decide to lean. It must not been earlier since that a person like him was thrown in the midst of flesh eating carnivorous animals and the whole word was suprised in the vision of this world the harmless creatures cared to listen among the few. It wasnt destiny that choose those who leaned towards it but destiny has only been made. In fortunes ahead in history the makers believed in time a strong message from heart would silence even the winds from one corner of time back in time. A season has been summoned and we have only understood that we have to invest in the better part of time. Cant it be that we invest now and challenge our times? Unfortunately my wordings couldnot be understood unless you could understand why every angels and saints of the light has gone and believed in making an independence out of everything. You have only seen and heard only one side of history and latter is what is foretold. A strength that would give us in hands of the limitless has one offering. You should make it a point to be a part of this vital offering and that is life. A gallows laughter can be easily understood unless you are misguided. Making out future can only be done through investment and we must be a big players in our life responsible to be the segment of each corner of those lanes where I can notice a simple meaning called making the best of the time. It suites developing talents through portfolio of making margins in time. Right from the day valentine and all the saints we ask for prayers has highlightened one measure of time is to nourish the potential of values, virtue change we adopt conveying in the meeting of the ends. Ever in history you can recall the habit called a conviction can be made true if you are anchored in history for one moment of challenge and change in the seasons that are changing to favour your outcomes.

In this short story about valentine and every saints and all the angels in light and darkness and in empty vaccum. They all searched for meaning. When the roman emperor asked gladiator, "what is Rome according to you", and asked why your Rome could only believe in  large scale of heavenly blessings, none was the answer. Till the very ends about my rationalism of valentine assumes another role. Those were the people who sought light and were afraid of the unseen. Future is not calculations. It is about investing for another longer lines and that is the meaning of valentine. Let us make days assume we have made Rome in one day we believe in. Here will be learning to live ahead. We are told all we believe in mechanism of challenge has been bookmarks. But actually did we ever know about what can be the time for proclamations in the measure of implementation. Did valentine imagine and seen it ahead instead of merrymaking? We have explored time and space of the time when we can add colors to our investments and work towards making an asset in this Rome. When Alexander could stand by the test of time to make it know from the beliefs that our foundations needs an infrastructure we can harness towards progress imagine the world in all means of making it the greatest investment in history. What suites any corner of the world is a completeness in making this learning come true. Our generation is making it bigger day by day. Those young youth cant be given out for crime out of no cause. Catering to far reaching outcomes one has to come back from history that changing times will zap towards a dreaming vision of makers unwinding a watchover. A priceless solution in the midst of this year is the valuation is where we should go for in making.

What is valentine all about? Love isnt all where we can make through. Under the dim light and in the shades of an apple tree someone imagined why we are falling when we could fly across the barriers. Two lovebirds under this apple tree couldnt find the solution what Newton gave in his theories. When we see old age homes and those looking just for a smile in being understood and cared for and their liitle ones couldnt spare a moment never to take it back. When we see ordinary life we have build up and at its begining comming closer to the reality to see it waving a breath. Let us open up our heart and mind for our own loved ones.

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