When Love Fails 2016

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When you know every game She played worth the innocence of this story, I dont know when love fails all treasure in the heaven above. May God give this peace for this soul lost. :)

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



Many times today an emptiness surround this spirit in heaven,

Most days when you are near,

Miles away when you will never be back,

Making time when you will join in next life,

More loved if kingdom of angels bring delight in my living room,

Much crafted in a soul without tears,

May live why dont you hear my call,

Might be away when you dont answer my words,

Missing something when your eyes tell its first cry,

Moving ahead I am thoughtless how I am alone here,

More than life you are my voice,

More than love you are my soul,

More than smile you are my happiness,

How I am awake here did I know  little about you,

How I am restless here did I hear little about love,

How I am sleepless here did I adore little about life,

Yet I am gone how all this events so passed by,

Today I am living without this companion,

She is lost yet years tell me where we were,

Always little quarrel sparks more shade in this story,

If we are without someone,

If someone here leave us forever,

If only gestures remain in the frame of those pictures,

Will the beauty of all storyteller end like this?

Living around those captions besides your resting place,

Today time tells me that we should not have met,

Every story so speaks what needed weared away,

Your presence in some memories still hold me back,

In time colours bring its first touch,

More than anything you were the gifted child of God,

May be HIS grace needed you back in heaven,

Yet I will never forget all your whimps and fancies,

One day life will be back from dead,

All complete work of God on this planet,

May rise its stream back in heaven,

I feel this depth of my anxiety,

Feels you will be back in this life again,

May be this is a story of our companionship,

You deserve it fullest,

I will honor those steps in real life again,

When this wall falls back in time,

I may visit those pages of my past,

You will be there holding my vision with light,

Its shade may hover the tallest mountain,

Life will again dance around its valley,

When those days wont be today,

Again I feel we will serve this image of love again in these spoken shore,

We may be together again born to be loved,

When we will meet again,

I pray angels in heaven be back until when love fails compassion of rebirth in this life,

Living with your thoughts,

Memories unforgetable in your smile,

Long may this shore sweep a new dream,

Without you everything is so lost,

I am just spending my life in its first cry,

As time set its foot among the dead,

When this life fall in the tests of God,

No machine may generate share its emptiness,

No money contributes its incomplete work of life,

Yet your soul in this peace may be one among us in a human form.... :)

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