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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

When your world shines with Almighty's grace, may you are in one volume bear the name for this song of the nation. Here I have written in finest details. :)

Where, Lord?
Refreshing your spirit in us,
Written in this birdly quills,
For people who are stars in their no-win life,
An eye on our destiny fall into what they do,
This beauty of our story may compose how long your service lasts,
An idea behind this whole world on painting,
In silence tribute openness for challenging practices,
Yet we dont lose hope nor suspend any trials in silence,
Your drawn game may dance how to peril disagreement,
Yet this scripture is sculpted daily on reperative experience of lifes outcomes,
Share how they fade off this experience like a passenger taking break from work,
Why this kind of play desire a vividness of senses creating such circumstances?
When no sense visualize innocent eyes unruly goes through these lifes feelings,
A far more of this crime as an act of anguish may force a mind back to fire,
All this is happening before our Lords perspective vision,
Lots of worry loss chain of sadness shake strongest ever emotion it causes,
Yet our taste of this source of moral action intervene on behalf of a victim,
When ones fantasies instilling a sociopath in some kinds of criminality,
If warm rays of sun on this back pay an offense for a lack of empathy,
This bag draw invigorating handful of sand on these minds shore,
Like light dispersing on all direction away from our sight,
A potter paint to learn to see and create for our choices,
This strange heart of our awareness distill layers deeper on a day of silence,
Finally none have to find try to find such a place,
Yet Lord, Where?

If you have something for everyone in this museum,
And we avoid looking on this based on our judgement,
Nor we may argue for the split up life we lived till now,
A praiseworthy word may be,
In all imagination if this is free from sin and lust,
God is love,
This spirit in us searches an impression on this memory,
All walls along this conceived thought draw colours on this wall,
A concious practice never presented us those skills,
Yet alone we mediate all your senses gifted for this journey,
We feel death is  your taste of this source,
Not instilling a sociopath who brought us here,
Yet your golf game has one corner for every strike,
How far?

So good times applies our impression on things we collect here,
Not leaving them in memories but gestures,
Your willingness gave advices for all its painters,
One day of the forms that went to this museum,
Our expectation gave your crafts in wax as it spaces the teachers texture,
Yet deepest ocean in our mind's eye,
Tells us we have choosen a crest on this beach,
There is smell of salty water as we close our eyes,
It carries upto the clear blue sky,
Your light dancing of this crystals carry an indispensable silence,
This gentle breeze in the hall of many footsteps,
Awaken background noises of all clock that hear rhythmic beating of your heart,
If we shift this sail on themes of day ahead,
May you layout our observation,
Who is its author?

As breath hold to learn to paint,
No fills emphasized finished drawing,
How to see a sculpture making the shaping of the invincible?
I wish one day your invisible inscription may make us invisible in this act,
A music survives for a few more performers,
It didnt start with us,
Nor it will end with us,
Yet this music with parts will make us your noble greatest composer of this craft,
As we experiment this opera troubles keeps comming,
Our audience blaze new scripts from your compositions,
In this dogged questioning you may follow the discipline of choosing one,
Why you may resist the rest from the list of the greats?
Yet in time each one here are your favorites,
As the art does lean this exercise of one order,
May this choosen one defend your blessings,
For there is a richness we have inherited,
Let all stars in the heaven always honor this classic ever lived for humanity,
This is the highest order we are here,
Where, Lord?

Near one depth of symphony celebrate one eternal heart for this prayer,
Your unforgettable soul may by the highest fine creation help experience your commitment alive,
In our list all time all-stars in making,
May be this dream page for the rite of loved life for awesome gifts ahead!!!

Submitted: October 25, 2015

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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