Who Is Every Shakespears Juliet?

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You have a dream fulfilling your life. Sometimes this search give rise for new twist and turns. In history we call this as finding and in life we make magic in air, for the rest besides . Read this poem for the search of the golden diamond than pebbles below your roof. Enjoy!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Reason's are plenty in minds of many Shakespear dreams
Had there been a Juliet docking mind of this stranger
So many live been the age floating in appearances
There may be a dawn under the edge of time
Across the sight of shore a comfort that life is blessed
True nature of human life experiences away
In the touching edge of gifts there are reasons we are away
Seasons been along the wine which is poured in the glasses
Drenchmakers say she is besides you invisibly
All acts of seduction keep on the presence of imbideness
Someone crafting a story for thr rest hour jailed
Every such affinity boils down in the mind room
Yesterday was the day passes when queen met him
Do you have the portrait of juliet?, asked queen
I never have written before your eyes, dear majesty
So much density played on courtyard measuring resemblance
Have you seen sky tend down the horizon?, enquired the courtyard
We must meet an scholar of materialistic sector, said the stranger
Have every occassion be the same?, asked Shakespear
Inside the depth of those word measures the golden chariot
Sometime time learn between rhythm
Learnings become guidences where life are created
Gold is carved out of mine
There are few mine and less time before market
If you are gold, he who takes you have spin over the rest
Few pieces resembles this mystery, have you been away
When your mine is empty inside you have some drops of rain filling protrayal
And where this fills volume, you have leveled every shakespear
A new juliet is waiting as gold, price your home with whatever you have
Many have went in the search for the precious stone
In this search of truth, is the daily lifes made?
Have a word before you note in the imagination for another sketch :)

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