Who submit lifeline for borders?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Who in this world imagines without know how chasing the race of life can overcomes problems than getting lost and aflicted with troubles? This is a poem when you fall on your footsteps. Manage climbing back yet not sure who can give you comfort. If I would say this is final search of the supreme entity "WHO" in the midst of the powerful 10 words that have been besides my heart. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM "WHO" STRENGTHENS ME. Let me guide you through this blessing.

The Color Of Wind Weaves A Carpet
Tides Of Water Flew Overcoming Breeze
Chasing An Unknown Dream Cuts You Open
Where you destine belongs otherside
Along the flukrum of time devotes one power
Irresitable its knowledge entrangles passerby for a search
Who devotes mystic through journey has maya everywhere
Souls take the swallow river on its avatar poles
His play wounds those path strangers dwell
With every hand there is begining
A person bedridden passes by roles of silence
Those lesser debts without life
Dont you hears sight at barking
Dogs might have seen them hear
He who likes preserve only the sum total
Make hundreds battle on the climate for dwelling
On our path this strangers color devades
With heart full of illusion relayed
Have you honored another sidelined heart
More than anyone can borrow dignity
We may be left or die alive on the search of horizon
The paths are always the same
Only shaded in the borders with viewing sketch
On the path who condemns this guidiance of brainless souls
We may travel away into margins tolerating in making who you are
There is a code one obey's fruitful
This much may withstand life live with heartening soul
...In search leading for one great source... 

Have you ever had this dream coded in your soul?
Imagine someone in search of boundaries
They who have travelled with him became very old
You in midst of the tree and its soaring roots
Shade which those have comeout light its reel of the wheel
Have you ever imagined if such tree cloud the entire existence,
Become invisible for the segment on its way for light,
Such matter has its leaves everywhere
If the leaves are green they mingle its being with light,
Those light give us delight and we twinkle over soil covering the roots
The branches has many different characters
On the denser leaves as we unravel it opens us like a new mirror
When we move ahead and open than corner
We become towards parting our lives
Everything are born from that tree
When they stop perspiring we fall back to the shade
There we give never up again on words
But be back somewhere up on the tree as shade under the birds nest
What will in such a tree if your life falls in the dove's nest?
How will you survive?


\"One unknown dream
Devoid of duty
Showing you can live free
With strenching dots on others,
And boasting unaccountably
There is one supreme foundation
In this universe no leaf moves against its wish
Whatever is done
The teacher has given you his blessing
Be alert, carefull and withstanding
Everything is truth
Actions were told to stop
Without even noting what is said
Before the craftman of creation
Who has always channeled you
No games will work
If you are against
You are thrown in heat
Hearten your life with one supreme entity
This is the power of who abiding in one self
His purpose never drains
Guru has told you this much
Have the head, heart and know how to use this much\" 

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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