Why are we living?

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For human birth is credited with the supreme form in existence, has there been more like this? We cant imagine, right!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



In every bit of human history for accommodation,
In even bite for question of survival,
Ever made in the quest for existence,
These generation were not just given birth,
Those who never wanted this much,
Never even knew how much is life,
Do they seek a role for survival?
Does history rarely give them a chance?
Humans have travelled this path,
HIS pages may not have words for them,
Did HIS creation gave us this pain?
More than life could give generation,
In the market flesh traders see them red,
No inner meanings are there without help,
Those who sustain doesn’t knew much,
Those who remained doesn’t knew interpretation,
None cared yet we struggle for basic needs,
Not because we were created without access,
Nor help reached our forefathers even as happiness,
In every wellbeing water binds our bodies,
No flesh starves for food but freedom,
Our handful pieces of expression,
Not as much who never been born,
We look for care and compassion,
Has the land of fresh water can save us?
People has many reaches here without destiny ahead,
Are we different in sensations?
Did life give us this role?
He who knows tomorrow may have mapped us,
Every role we assume within a shade for peace,
Where can we pacify our guest?
We survive for existence in oppression,
We learn survival every moment for hope,
HE who answered our day knows this meaning,
May our pilgrim of their expression answer this prayer!!!

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