Why can you not just sell something for the world be better?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

For this genre in words of passion, someone left few lines that time cant explore. When the big world we face with small simple life we lead, everything cant be so true. This is a insight when you lead public life but cant be the same. If you ever thought for the world you lead to be better, can you not sell something for the price you owe in this giveaway. Think about this truth inside in your heart. :)

Goodnews just once written in pages untold,

They who ever lived crypted one order,

We may fall but one voice within follows life,

You are never wrong if you dont say no,

But within this rhythm there is a role,

For the world so written in the pages of history,

God realised this life for we are born,

At first tabled our existence,

Selectively we roamed in this arena,

Where lively we pray in heart for one future,

We see our companion is a blessing from this compromise,

Tomorrow if your prints fail your thoughts,

You are not away without the inner circle of faith,

Some time your case in this envelope may only join words,

But everything has a meaning you never discovered,

The only question you always never answered will not be time,

Why can you not just sell something for the world be better?

Let me frame this in some of those collections of life ever lived..

You poped the poking fire and fell in the desert,

Those steps of storm may have wounded your life,

Your conscience occured for those who rooted this existence,

They who compromised everything for one order,

But you cant be away if this wounds never rested,

You are not the next messenger,

But you never turned your will against this sand in the secrets,

Those secrets of the shallow valley crepted your thoughts,

Why would you never root promise from the next birth?

Some say we came from where we cant go back,

This picture is played in the raising tornodo,

What did you leave behind?

What did you own?

Yet you love the stadium full of characters,

Did God created this world in the first place for this arena?

But it is said HIS fountain never imprinted the ends,

Then how would this kept the balance in time,

Who would have made this new stone in the mountain?

Is the teacher wrong being the artist of wooden forest?

Did you ever trail the tide without listening the voice of time?

An atheist may note this choice is your life without the worm,

In the heart of faithful beleiver there is a heaven for the guests,

May be we are born to entertain many visitors of History,

But then why would this world be the same year after decades?

Have you told about those who are ripped of thorns?

Where would be their shield atleast in the mindsets?

Who would doubt being themselves?

But we have one choice center for feeling sometimes our heart follows,

Really what would our story rail in the tracks of the action bible?

May be we cant correct the world,

But there is a better place,

It is will for the largest gesture we leave behind every moment we are born to be gifted,

This simple thought we are blessed is a route towards being the monument of this ladder,

There are steps and slopes,

But the crossroads leads another journey towards the way for the eastern star,

They who have sailed this journey destined for those who ever lived without the rest,

This is the story of our world,

Our world so priceless giveaway something for all,

This willingness only can make us social and responsible in HIS guidence,

Together we make the world better,

Everyday this is the direction we spent our time framed in this life alive,

Born out of wisdom and never ending quest for this challenge can only grade our lifes,

Let your wisdom and life with commitment channel the rest in His Story,


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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